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Default RW-Roleplay Bone county/Red County

We have many factions around to test out and try by yourselves, However we might look for some leaders, So give a look once in a while!

News Agency
And much more!

We define ourselves as special, Because we usualy try to prevent punishments, We most likely listen to other
player's opinions and try to solve it together, We do admin meetings, Ask what is good and what's bad, And we believe that any issue that will appear in the future will be solved in no-time, Feel free to ask for help around forums!

Bone County, The most favorite county to roleplay in, If you find the right time and the correct people to roleplay with, This could be your 24/7 server!

HostName: Redwood-Roleplay [ENG]

Players: X / 50
Language: English

Visit forums and TeamSpeak, We are there most of the time to help and talk with! ( Friendly :P )
Forums :
TeamSpeak :
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