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Little Clucker
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Default A little object help...

Hello everyone, i would like to put the Casino 1877 object into the swfyst ped on SAMP, The 1877 object on her torso, similar to a dress, a katana on her back, and the 1913 object on her chest, like a brooch, can i adjust sizes and stuff? What's the command to do so? Thanks, and here's the pic for info.

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Little Clucker
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Default Re: A little object help...

A little while back, I did a ped mod for one of my characters. The base ped was a HQ tattoo'd vmaff, but the RP storyline required cybernetic eyes. Texture overlays just didnt look right, so I dug into combining objects onto my ped, like how a lot of servers will let you /wear or use /toys. That said, I merged the IR/NV goggles into the eye sockets for a local version so my SS would be accurately portrayed (see the below image).

Depending on the items, and how they are attached, they may warp and stretch when the ped moves (specifically the katana on the back). For software, I used Autodesk 3DS Max 2017, and you'd want to look into some 3DS Max Ped Attachment/Rigging tutorials on YT. It should be able to be done in GMax with Kam's DFF I/O if you dont have access to 3D Studio.

This of course, would be to re-manufacture a TXD and DFF file for your local GTA3.img or modloader.

Also, 1877 is a decent sized stack of chips. Even if you just used Fusez map editing filterscript to attach to object, that would only allow you to resize it so far afaik. By no means am I an expert, just a tinkerer....thought I'd respond since no one's replied to this in a month.

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