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Default Re: Anyone watch WWE from here?

WARNING: Spoilers.

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
WWE messed up this year, starting with Reigns vs Taker. Taker could have had such an amazing match with John Cena, a match people are dying to see at WM, but no they had to choose the most hated babyface in the company to make it look strong, and mark my words, he'll be even more hated after WM if he wins this match.
Everything with Reigns is forced these days. And yes, Cena vs Taker should have been the way to go instead, however, I don't know if even Cena could have had a great match with The Undertaker. The man looks old and I don't think has got another mania left in him, but again, that's what they said last year as well...

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
Second of all, Alexa Bliss vs All, that's just a deja vu from AJ Lee vs The World at WM 30, and just shows how lazy WWE is when it comes to WM season.
I think that is pre-show material.

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
Randy vs Wyatt. A good construction and will for sure be a good match.
Randy vs Wyatt is great. Decent buildup. However, I am more excited about what they will do with The Wyatt family moving forward. I heard they are building up Bo Dallas (Bray's real life brother) to join the family. So, the Wyatt family should be the next great thing in the WWE if played right.

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
Jericho vs Owens. I expected the feud to built a different way, but this match might be good, but don't expect a lot from it.
The feud itself had so much potential and could draw huge money in itself. I am more pissed they put the US belt on Jericho and made the match for the belt. To think the belt had so much prestige when Cena had it and was defending it every week... Could have put the belt on Zayn and had Joe and Zayn fight for it?

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
Cena and Nikki vs Miz and Maryse. Apart from the Miz & Cena promos, the rest is just a normal couple feud.. Nothing special in the WM season.
This feud is basically a lolcenawins feud. The buzz is that Cena will propose to long time girlfriend Nikki after the match.

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
Neville vs Aries. No. Aries came out of nowhere and gets a title shot at WM. While guys like Gallagher and TJ and Swann have been doing really great and deserve a spot there.
Aries is a great veteran of the business and I think it will actually be good if he wins the belt. Although, your point is debatable that guys like Gallagher and TJ deserve it more, I think Aries is the way to go. He was great in TNA, the indy scene (ROH specifically where he had great matches with the likes of Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, Nigel McGuinness etc) and then sort of good in NXT with a great match with Nakamura. It does feel a bit out of nowhere but then it is the cruiserweight division... nothing much there.

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
Bayley vs Charlotte vs Sasha. Terrible feud construction. I hated it, specially since Bayley is supposed to be the one who doesn't give up and fights until the end, gets helped by Sasha for no reason.. And the next night Sasha cheats while she's still a babyface.. I'd rather have Sasha turn heel first before starting to cheat. Charlotte as always is in every PPV match for the title, instead of bringing up someone fresh.
Bayley vs Charlotte vs Sasha vs Nia*. I hate how it was Bayley vs Charlotte and then Bayley had to lose to both Sasha and Nia to allow them into the match. Kinda kills the Bayley momentum...

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
Shane vs Styles, this match will be good, those 2 are great superstars with amazing diving skills and stuff, this match will make Styles' look really good which is amazing!
Styles deserved a Wrestlemania main card match after what he has done for the company and Smackdown in the past 1 year. Styles has basically carried the company on his shoulders while Cena was out filming stuff..

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
HHH vs Rollins. This will for me be match of the night for sure. This feud has been great and might lead to so much during this match, I can't wait.
Meh.. HHH vs Rollins should have been a great buildup. They went with the whole HHH betrays Rollins. Then nothing for a long time for Rollins, which kind of sucks. Kind of killed his face turn. Killed the whole storyline heat. Then HHH comes back out of nowhere.. Then Rollins gets injured. Now they are taking it slow with Rollins because of the injured knee and all.. I wonder if the knee will have any implications on the match..

Originally Posted by Andre02 View Post
And to end this... Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar..... NO! NO! GOD! NO! 2 fucking part timers in the main event for a title that was being made prestigious by Kevin Owens.. This just makes me lose all the interest for titles, when part timers take over it.. Part timers are not meant to be champions, just let them have a simple match. Since 2012 all the WM main events have involved at least 1 part timer but now there's 2. And that pisses me off, while there's tons of guys deserving that place there.
But it's a huge draw, though. You could fill half the stadium with that match and no other match on the card and at the end of the day no one cares if Styles worked his ass off or Ambrose gave it his all. It's all about the money. That's what the casual fans want to watch. The buzz is that they want to put the title on Lesnar and have him feud over the next year, till Wrestlemania 34, with Reigns and then have Reigns win it back at mania.

About the belt being made prestigious, I don't think it was ever helped by the Kevin Owens reign. I mean, he cheated every time to retain. He wasn't a defending champ. Wasn't booked like a legit champion. Although, his matches were good. But that is my opinion.

I wonder if it would have gone any different if Balor had not injured himself in the match against Rollins. Balor could've brought the belt some real prestige. I would've been a great reign. However, then we would not have had Ownes vs Jericho and maybe Rollins vs HHH, although it was being hinted at before. I am a huge Balor mark so it would be fun to have him back on the RAW after Wrestlemania, which is always huge. He has recovered and is doing some house shows meanwhile.

I am also upset Sami Zayn is not anywhere on the card. Although, there can be a Joe vs Zayn match on the pre-show. Both Zayn and Joe deserve better.

You also forgot Ambrose vs Corbin. Looks like a decent feud. Has good potential. Moving away with the multi-man IC belt ladder match tradition.
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