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Default Crash while running FNPC

=========================== FCNPC Exception Handler ============================
Signal 11 (Segmentation fault), address is 39e1cbb2 from f54aa66a

#0 in plugins/ allbackEiP9siginfo_tPv+0x126) [0xf54a5fd6]
#1 in [0xf7794420]
#2 in plugins/ [0xf54aa66a]
#3 in plugins/ x22) [0xf54ac1f2]
#4 in plugins/ [0xf54af14a]
#5 in plugins/ [0xf54b0449]
#6 in plugins/ [0xf54b2c1f]
#7 in plugins/ [0xf54b4153]
#8 in ./samp03svr() [0x80d1ce2]
#9 in ./samp03svr() [0x80aef6c]

System: GNU/Linux
SA-MP: 0.3.7 R2-1
FCNPC: 1.7.2

FUNC_CPlayerPool__DeletePlayer: 0x80d0a90
FUNC_CPlayer__Kill: 0x80cb220
FUNC_CPlayer__EnterVehicle: 0x80cc1c0
FUNC_CPlayer__ExitVehicle: 0x80cc340
FUNC_CPlayer__SpawnForWorld: 0x80ccfc0
FUNC_GetVehicleModelInfo: 0x80d5d30
FUNC_CConsole__GetIntVariable: 0x80a0070
FUNC_ClientJoin_RPC: 0x80b0030

VAR_ServerAuthentication: 0x81aa8a8
VAR_NetVersion: 0xfd9

OFFSET_RemoteSystemManager: 0x334
OFFSET_RemoteSystemSize: 0xc69
OFFSET_RemoteSystem__ConnectMode: 0xc62
OFFSET_RemoteSystem__Unknown: 0xc67
=========================== FCNPC Exception Handler ============================
This is for what? is crashing my server
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