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Default Vortex Gaming Roleplay | NEW! | Refunding | Hiring |

Vortex Gaming Roleplay

Server Information

Website and forums: Coming soon!


Vortex Gaming Roleplay is a new and growing server in the SA-MP community. The server is based in Los Santos, the main city of San Andreas. As the server grows, we will allow the players to visit other two cities (San Fierro and Las Venturas). The server is full of nice and unique features that you can check out in-game. We allow you to become whatever you want to, we do not have limits. You may check out our server for more information!

Factions and families

The server is currently looking for highly experienced faction and family leaders. You must have previous knowledge and experience as being a leader of one of the above named. We have got a lot of factions but for now, we opened only a few. We have a custom faction (group) and family system, where higher level administrators are allowed to edit factions and families in-game, which is really easy and unique.


The server is full of unique and custom features that you can check out. We have got a lot of creative systems in-game. They are here to make the roleplay level higher. We may list some of them below:
  • Dynamic Business System
    Dynamic Faction (Group) System
    Dynamic Family System
    Dynamic Credits System
    Dynamic Voucher System
    Dynamic Job System
    Dynamic House System
    Dynamic Admin System
    Dynamic Safe System
    Dynamic Car Dealership System
    and a lot more...

For more information, make sure to check out our server and other services. We wish you the best of gaming and fun on our server! Enjoy!
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