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Little Clucker
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Default Re: TDEditor - New TextDraw creator with Preview models.

Originally Posted by WknRO View Post
Can someone help me with this? When i type /tde it says " Uknown Command " . I did everything from tutorial.
Server log :

Loaded log file: "server_log.txt".

SA-MP Dedicated Server
v0.3.8-RC4-1, (C)2005-2017 SA-MP Team

[10:54:34] Server Plugins
[10:54:34] --------------
[10:54:34] Loading plugin: sscanf

[10:54:34] ===============================

[10:54:34] sscanf plugin loaded.

[10:54:34] (c) 2009 Alex "Y_Less" Cole

[10:54:34] 0.3d-R2 500 Players "dnee"

[10:54:34] ===============================

[10:54:34] Loaded.
[10:54:34] Loading plugin: TDE
TDEditor Plugin loaded, thank you for using.

[10:54:34] Loaded.
[10:54:34] Loaded 2 plugins.

[10:54:34] Filterscripts
[10:54:34] ---------------
[10:54:34] Loading filterscript 'TDE.amx'...
[10:54:34] Loaded 1 filterscripts.

[10:54:34] Bare Script

[10:54:34] ----------------------------------

[10:54:34] Number of vehicle models: 0
[10:54:58] [connection] incoming connection: id: 0

I think it doesn't load the filterscript correctly or something. Please help me.
Same thing. Up. Help, please
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: TDEditor - New TextDraw creator with Preview models.

i also got this problem you just need do this steps
1> Download latest version of tdeditor
2> Remove your plugins from your plugins folder
3> Put plugins which tdeditor having in rar
4> setup your server.cfg
5> click on server.exe
6> its working perfectly
7> Enjoy making textdraws
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