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Default [0.3.DL] Desert County Roleplay [Hiring]

Desert County Roleplay

About Us
Desert County Roleplay is an upcoming heavy roleplay server that is based in Bone County, founded in Feburary 2018. We are currently hiring staff (Helpers and Administrators) and faction leaders (BCSD and BCFD) before we officially open the server.

Do be aware that the server is currently very early in development and the server is not officially opened yet. We are currently looking for the following:
  • Helpers
  • BCSD Faction Leader
  • BCFD Faction Leader

Joining Us
If you wish to join the staff team, be sure to contact Seanny on the DC-RP forums, giving a basic background of yourself and your past RP experience. Read here for more information

Server Information
Server IP:
Desert County Roleplay
We are recruiting staff
Server IP:

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