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Default CreatePickup with Vehicle (Beginner) Simple

Code Removed! (Remove This Thread) Thanks!
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Default Re: CreatePickup with Vehicle (Beginner) Simple

No offense. But I don't see how this is a Tutorial. It's more like a pictured code snippet.

A Tutorial should explain why something was done, or at least what you are doing to achieve something. You don't have to go into great detail, but a simple statement about what is done in each step is a good idea. You pretty much only told us where to paste the code.

Anyone with experience in PAWN will understand this, but those people will probably not need a Tutorial to create a Pickup and add some functionality to it.

As a result, it (only) targets Beginners. The problem is, for these people this is not a great help but rather a source to copy-paste code. And that's what a Tutorial shouldn't be.
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Default Re: CreatePickup with Vehicle (Beginner) Simple

Donald your work are very good and i'd say it's nice codded, but explaining are missing, please try to explain each part!

good luck
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