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Default Razor Gaming Roleplay [Refunding] [Hiring] [Medium RP]

We initially began around 7 months ago with a view to make a quality server, we closed down 3 months ago due to some issues but now decided to open again and give it a fresh start. Being a player ourselves we understand what a player expects from a server. Even we faced a lot of issues *with other servers which include lack of management, creativity and ability to promote the sole purpose of the server. A lot of players face these problems of corruption and favouritism. These are a straight no for any server but since they think there aren't any better servers they choose to play with it. That's the reason we felt a need for a server which not only prevents these but also has a dedicated management staff and we try our best to promote as much RP as possible. We do not hire power hungry people. We made a server for dedicated players who want to have the best of RP. Now lies the question, okay you got a pretty good server and staff but what about the script?' Yes, we implement frequent updates almost weekly. But sometimes it happens that we run out of ideas and welcome yours! Ever had a master plan in your head, but never got a chance to speak up or it wasn't appreciated? Head to our forums and post a thread, we will get back and discuss with you within a day and that's not it, we also give you a Gift Token which you can use in our shop to purchase items for every idea of yours that gets accepted, but we also need to take care of the necessity so don't get disappointed if it doesn't get accepted. Come back with a new one!( We'll be glad!) We always looking forward to see new players who turn out to be dedicated. We try to improve the server script a lot and always open for suggestions. Adminstration team is mature and always ready. We have a friendly community.

Be who you want!
Join us and choose your own adventure, ranging from becoming a member in a Law Enforcement Agency or Drug Lords Cartel. Choose if you want be a lone-wolf and see whatever happens to you, or choose to join Los Santos Police Department to help reduce the criminal rate in Los Santos, or you might like to become a Medic and save lives on a daily basis. But of-course not everyone might want to be into the legal side of Los Santos but become the kingpin of a mafia and rule the economy in the City instead. Or even act as an intermediate and make your own legal organization / company.

We opened a month ago and we're proud to tell you that we have got a very good and positive response from you players. We thank you for that and promise to make your experience better. We'll always be active and improve the server in any possible way.

We release updates on a weekly basis consisting of player suggestions as well as one's from our side.

I would want you to try out the server and check the features in game itself but to make some basic things *clear or rather the guidelines we strictly follow :

  • We have a very powerful Anti Cheat system.
  • We have all the necessary features a server should consist for calling it a desirable server.
  • We are recruiting BUT only experienced people regardless of their hours of gameplay.
  • We DO NOT promote favouritism whatsoever.
  • We respond to reports almost instantly.
  • We respond to forum messages and threads within less than 6 hours.

We currently have active and experienced scripter, although we might need a mapper. If you'd like to apply as one, please do only if you're really interested to become one, and not to get too many perks and/or administrative authority.

We do have a fully working Adminstration Team, but we might hire sometimes, only experienced players.

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