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Default New Life Roleplay - []

New Life Roleplay is one of the well-known and oldest communities in SAMP. Our server is unique and different from other servers and we provide a million opportunities to anyone who joins us. Our script is clean with no known bugs, and our Development team improves the gameplay experience regularly. We also have a team of professional and friendly Administrators who would be more than happy to help you with anything you need. The Management analyzes Administrator team, and assign Departments to each one of them so that the team is more efficient and the players know whom to approach for certain things. Our helper team is trained to be professional, mature and helpful by the seniors of the Administrator team. We have many factions enabling the player to choose through of a variety of choices. The main factions are Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Government, Los Santos Fire and Medical Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation and many more. Leaders for these factions are chosen carefully, and we make sure that they bring the best out of the faction. Not interested in legal factions? No problem. We also have a platform where players are able to create their own factions. Legal or illegal. You can be the founder of the next most successful enterprise in Los Santos, or you could be the most deadliest mafia around town. Want to be both? New Life Roleplay also offers a character system. You can have up to SIX characters under your account. Six different and fun lifestyles. Be who you want to be, do what you want to do - Only on New Life Roleplay!

Listed below are some of our unique systems:

We have a graffiti system which allows your to tag walls. You may choose from 32 different colors. You can tag the walls of your hood to make your presence known. You may also provoke your rival gang by tagging their walls. Who doesn't love to mess with their enemies?

Tired of people trying to break into your vehicles all the time? New Life Roleplay has a garage system, which lets you store vehicles inside it. You may lock them afterwards to prevent others from entering your garage or trying to break into your vehicle. Garages are also very cheap and affordable, quite spacious aswell.

Unlike other servers, we have a very simple script that players can get used to very quickly. Everything you need is easily accessible and we assure you that you wont have any problems using the script. We have different varieties of jobs which the player can choose from to earn some extra cash. Every job is unique and fun in it's own way, it's up to you to do what you like.

Tired of the same old San Andreas interiors? New Life Roleplay helps you customize your house with our furniture system. The furniture system allows the player to purchase furniture of their choices to decorate their houses, making them all look different from each other. This is one of the most realistic features that our server has to offer. The players are able to buy chairs, tables, speakers, fitness equipment and so much more!

With the turf system which families benefit from, you can take control of specific areas around the city.

Server IP :
Website :

Disclaimer : I'm not the owner of the server, I'm just posting this on the be-half of my friend.

Project Reality Roleplay :
Website : - Server worth a visit.

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