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Default CALL OF DUTY | Warfare Termination [WT] [HOSTED TAB]

Server Links

Discord Channel:
IP Address:

> Server Details

Warfare Termination, or shortly WT, is a newly created community based on a game mode scripted from scratch and unique mapping. There are plenty of commands and abilities to try out, we are trying as much as possible to enhance the game-play with fresh updates and instant bug fixes.

Security is one of our priorities, we try as much as possible to protect our players against any kind of issues that may spoil the play time of them.

However, the game is based on LV desert with 6 teams (5 Countries - 1 Terrorist), over 22 zones have been created around the map with each one of them including a special weapon shop. Each team has its own base (excluding terrorists), base shop (some bases have more than one shop) and a special vehicle which enemies can capture by taking it out to their base (following a checkpoint).

> Server Features

- Dynamic team system, 5 countries with special bases, terrorist team spawn randomly near enemy bases.

- Dynamic class system, each class has its own abilities and weapons, (class details can be visible by /classinfo).

- Team briefcases, each team has its own briefcase (can have more than one) which has all the possible equipment which a player can buy, including health, armor, weapons (weapons are unlocks depending on player rank). There is also equipment shop which include pilot licenses, medic kits, armor kits, disguise (spy) kits, drugs, jetpack and GPS.

- Minigames system (administrators can start automated minigames which players can participate in), like derby, racing, death-matching and team death-matching.

- Special death-match system of 5 different arenas, each arena is specialized by its own weapons set, accessible through /dm.

- Anti base rape system, reduces score on killing with heavy vehicles in enemy bases.

- Advanced anti cheat (still improving), detects hackers efficiently for now.

- Anti G abuse, team kill and team vehicle attack.

- Anti advertisement, spam and bot spawning.

- Dynamic maps, each base and zone has its own mapping with custom objects, real-life looking and vehicles to make it easy to transport around the entire map.

- 1 vs 1 duel system, has the ability to choose double weapons.

- Bounties system, players can set a bounty (Cash amount) which players receive on killing the targeted play.

- Dynamic anti aircraft system, players with higher ranks can use anti aircraft vehicles to target enemy rustlers, hydras and hunters which are close to the player, each anti aircraft has 5 rockets by default, regenerate when it runs out of ammo by some time.

- Nuclear system with players counter with real effect lasts for 9 seconds.

- Dynamic capturing system w/ zones on the map hinted with flags, players can spawn at their team zones with /sp, system includes progress bars during capture time with a progress counter. Additionally, each capture point has a special weapons shop carrying its name on the title.

- Activity box at the bottom-right to view all the latest news regarding server, makes less load on the main chat.

- Weapon drop system, works with "H" key to drop weapons & "N" key to pickup weapons, has the ability to replace weapons (informs players whether they want to replace their weapon with the one on the ground in case of being in the same slot).

- Airstrike system (/airstrike) to call one, 3 planes move around the player with a rocket falling on the ground, takes around 8 seconds till the rocket reaches the ground.

- Dynamic ranks system, informs players about whats unlocked in their rank once they are leveled up.

- Rustler rocket drop with fire key for high ranks with a cool-down.

- Optimized script, no presence of lag (which can be visible within the game).

- A dynamic cool down for commands which can be abused, with a message sent on performing commands mentioning the time in which players can re-use the command.

- Advanced V.I.P system, features can be seen within the forums.

- Dynamic anti ban-evade system which determines ban evaders and kicks them instantly.

- Fully controllable player settings which can be managed by the player using /stats.

- Achievements system, with a bonus and effects on completion.

- Death animation and effects while dying.

- Weapon toys system.

- Real-time cycle system for V.I.P.

- Drugs system, protects player from weapon damages (only the weapons which can fire) - not including melee weapons, health decreases slowly till the protection duration expires.

- GPS system, players can use to locate others with it, guarantees invisibility on the radar for a temporary period of time, along with that, it can be used to hide from anti aircraft vehicles.

- Dynamic backup system for players to call their teammates for assistance, highlights color on the map for a short period of time for those who responded to the backup request.

- Instant radio messages with (Y) key.

- Team radio system, local area chat.

- Plenty of animations and different styles which can be performed with the same type.

- Drone RC Helicopters, can be used by bombers to explode players close to the helicopter, also can be used close to enemy radio towers in order to spy their chat.

- Radio towers system, has control of team radios, once its destroyed, team cannot chat in the team radio but the local chat instead, recovers every 5 minutes (less if an engineer repairs it).

- Anti swear in names, part of names and chat.

- Dynamic prototype system with checkpoints.

- Inventory system.

- Sync system.

- Many more features, check out in the game!

> More To Know

We try as much as possible to patch all the bugs and make frequent updates and also fix anything which may spoil the game-play of the players. Also, we allow almost all the languages world-wide which players understand within the game, including English/Spanish/French/Romanian/Russian.

Join us today!
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