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Default Re: Loaded AMX viewer

Originally Posted by Crystallize View Post
What do you want to accomplish with this I don’t get it what would be used for
It would allow pausing of execution and stepping through code line-by-line, viewing variable values, etc. Visual Studio does this for C++/C# and a few other languages, vscode does it for JavaScript/TypeScript, Go and others. Check out some examples by searching for "interactive debugging".

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Default Re: Loaded AMX viewer

Originally Posted by Misiur View Post
Hello again!
So, I've tried to keep my activity on the project down low, but now I see 7 stars on github so I guess it ain't secret anymore.
Summary of my journey so far, with massive amount of irrelevant info and rambling in a quote block if you want to read, otherwise skip:

Now I have questions to people interested in this project, in order of importance:

1. How would you like the plugin to communicate with external programs (for example a GUI I mentioned in first post)? Named pipes, sockets, zeromq, or ******'s protobuf?
Y_Less expressed support for sockets on discord, and I'm leaning towards it as well.
2. I'm wondering if updating the code I copied from amx_Exec is good. This is plugin for amx debugging, but fixing and/or introducing new VM bugs/features (such as now adding "#emit" macro opcodes support) might obstruct ours vision
3. I removed JIT and ASM sections of the VM. Should I restore JIT sections? I think when someone runs a debugger, they don't expect the best available performance option, but I'm certain there are JIT specific runtime bugs.
4. Is the samp's implementaion of amx VM for linux (the one with opcode relocation) relatively bug-free? What I mean by that is - does the relocation introduce any new bugs?
5. I would like to rewrite required by amx_Exec "#define"'s with C++ templates (remember that I want to learn C++ basics with this project) - any objections?
5a. There's an alternative, a nuclear option - reimplementing VM completely in C++, like sourcepawn. I don't lean towards it, but it'd be good to know your opinions.
1) I agree with Southclaws, some sort of generic library.

2) Don't update. It is hard to fix code issues on a different VM. I'd say don't even fix VM bugs. If the SA:MP server has a bug, leave it in so that at least te debugging behaviour is consistent.

3) The JIT isn't used in the SA:MP server, the JIT plugin is a totally separate reimplementation (I think).

4) No idea sorry. I don't know of anything caused by the two different versions, but having the code in this plugin as close to the code in the different servers is good for debugging. Otherwise, the plugin may perform differently and say good code isn't (or vice-versa).

5) See 2 and 4.

5a) See 5.
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