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Cool [0.3.7]Next Level Roleplay! [0.3.7]

Server Is Currently Hosted In Australia!

Click Here


Next level Gaming was formed on the 2nd of February 2018, The server was in open beta for 2 months in which time the server went under significant changes, The server was then closed for a period of 3 months where development slowed down due to real life commitments of the development team, on the 22nd of June 2018 the server was resurrected and development began around the clock smashing out bug fixes/improvements and adding features that would be appealing to the sa-mp roleplay community, Next level roleplay was created with the idea of being NOT FOR PROFIT, as in NOT PAY TO WIN, We have NO shop, we will never charge for any of the services provided by us,if you want to donate towards server costs then feel free, but you will not receive any in game advantage over other players, you will find more information on the Network Next Level Gaming runs on at the bottom of this post

Dynamic Doors
Dynamic Gates
Dynamic Houses
Dynamic MapIcons
Dynamic Businesses
Payphone System
Mailbox System
Parking Meter System
Dynamic Faction System
Backpack System
Dynamic Family System
Speed Camera System
Advanced Driver Licence System

the economy in next level roleplay is somewhat different from other roleplay servers, here the price of the various things in game reflect the prices you would usually pay in real life, for example, the average cost of a phone in-game is $80, whereas on other servers simple things like a phone costs $1000 or even $2000! Everything in next level roleplay has realistic prices, whether is cars,motorbikes,trucks,planes,various drugs,phones,backpacks,toys,costumes,clothes, etc...

Next Level Roleplay has an advanced toy system, their are currently 1,200 different objects players can buy with (/buytoys) players can have as many toys as they want and if they run out of room they can purchase more with credits!

Their are many available jobs in next level roleplay, below is a list of the currently available jobs and a brief description of what you can do with them, working hard in your selected job will allow you to level up in the job which allows you todo more quicker and faster

Legal Jobs
Craftsman: This job will allow you to create various items from materials
Lawyer: This job will allow you to defend the worst criminals next level roleplay has to offer, you will be able to defend them in court, bail them out of jail, and even get their wanted level removed!
Mechanic: This job will allow you to go on duty as a mechanic, repair players broken vehicles aswell as install some pretty cool modifications
Detective: This job is a benefit towards law enforcement agency's, you will be able to RP'ly track players across san andreas
Bodyguard: This job will allow you to sell players a protective vest and allow you to RP and physically protect players and their property
Boxer: This job allows you to challenge people to a boxing match inside the various gym's
Taxi Driver: This job will allow you to drive players across the cities, for a price of course
Bartender: This job will allow you to serve people drinks inside bars
Shipment Contractor: This is the newest job in next level roleplay, it will allow you to transport legal/illegal goods around San Andreas
Pizzaboy: We all know what this job is haha

Illegal Jobs
Whore: This job will allow you to prostitute yourself out to other players for a price
Weapons Dealer: This job will allow you to craft weapons from materials and sell them to other players
Drug Dealer: This job is used to sell illegal drugs to players, (eg. Pot, Crack, Meth,Ecstasy)
Drug Smuggling: This job will allow you to restock the crack den and drug house

The gang system in Next Level Roleplay is 100% dynamic, what this means is gangs can be created/deleted/changed completely in game so that means less time creating, more time playing! Each and every gang is unique, whether it be a motorcycle club,mafia,crime family,street racing crew, etc..., Each gang has its own locker, also gang clothes unique to the specific gang, a head quarters, this can be any existing location or if you want something truly unique the staff team or YOURSELF can map it and it will be added to the server next script update

Much like the gang system the faction system is 100% dynamic, factions can be created in-game quickly and easily which allows less time for players to start roleplaying! below is a list of current factions

Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Armed Services
San News
Fire Department Of San Andreas
Hitman Agency

As the server population increases more and more factions will become available for players to join

Properties play a HUGE part in San Andreas, players are able to buy and unlimited amount of headquaters, players are allowed to own a maximum of 2 houses and a maximum of 5 Garages (which hold 40 cars each!) if you can't afford a house you are able to rent one owned by another players, players can buy and sell head quarters to eachother, or if a HQ is unowned you may buy it from the server for a fee which is to be worked out by the staff team online at the time, Their are currently 5,500 houses places in the server which are already setup and able to be purchased by players

Businesses are an important aspect of next level roleplay because they give players the chance to own and operate a business, this will also generate income which can be withdrawn from the business safe, although their is a government tax for everything bought from a business, business owners are able to employ other players to work for them, below is a list of the currently available businesses

Convenience Store (24/)
Clothing Store
Fuel Station
Sex Shop

Backpacks are able to be purchased inside any 24/7, they come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium, Large, depending on which size you buy reflects the amount of food, drugs and weapons you can store inside, be careful though! law enforcement agencies are able to RP'ly search your backpack!

The dynamic payphone systems allows players to RP using payphones!, the system allows admins to create payphones wherever they want, their is currently 151 phones around San Andreas! players are able to ring the payphones using their own private cell phone, you are also able to use a payphone to ring 911, call for a mechanic, phone a taxi, and even RPly order a pizza!

Watch your speed! at next level roleplay we have a dynamic speed camera system which allows admins to create/move/modify/delete speed cameras! we encourage players to always use the speedometer while driving!(/speedo) otherwise you could cop a fine! get enough speeding fines and failure to pay them will occur a warrant out for your arrest, so drive safe!

Once in-gaming you will notice mail boxes placed on footpaths around San Andreas! these allow you to send mail to other players no matter if they are online or offline, for example, you could mail your friend that isnt online, when he gets on next he will receive a notification to check his mailbox!

Next Level Gaming is setup with reliability and stability as the first priority, Their are 4 Dedicated Servers that Support the various aspects (game server/website/teamspeak), Primarily the Main Dedicated Server which hosts the Next Level Roleplay Server AND the Teamspeak server boasts 6 Virtual CPU's and 16GB Of Ram Running on Windows Server 2016, Which has an average of 380mb's Download and 78mb's Upload, which if you know Australian internet this is VERY good speeds, We also have another 2 Server with the same specifications as the main server, except they are located in America!, Depending on the player base the server may move to one of the servers hosted in America to create a more balanced Ping for majority of the players,

Security is a top priority here for us at Next Level Roleplay, Without going into too much detail the script is 100% Secure, that also applies to the mysql database, NO source code is on any of the dedicated servers, aswell as the mysql server is on a completely different server! and the database connection information is hidden deep inside the script, so its physcially impossible for any one or any thing to obtain access to the database, and for an added layer of protection the database password is changed every script update so its always changing.

The threat of DDOS is always real and this is no fun for anyone, at Next Level Gaming we have the ability to see a DDOS attack before its full force hits the server, this then allows us to somewhat "flick" a switch and have the server start running and have the ip update to the new one within a matter of seconds to reduce the impact the players feel if it was to ever happen

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