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Default Next Generation Roleplay

Next Generation Roleplay (New strict rules and new staff)
* WARNING : rated age +18 *

Server IP :
Server Forums :
Server Discord :
Server Owner : Ennio Salieri

We are currently not hiring administrative staff. Our staff will be handpicked by the owners themselves.

If you want to be a helper, be active and help players in /n(newbie chat) and prove that you are worth being a helper.

We do not give refunds.

You : What is this!? how can i roleplay without refunds!? Useless server! /setstat me! Make me admin! Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you!

Owners : Oh look, it's a kid!. Let's laugh at this piece of noob trash who doesn't even know how to roleplay, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Players self proclaiming that they're owner or admin without valid proof will be dealt with according to how 'dramatically big' the situation is.

Gang and leadership slots are open.(apply at forums)
Faction leadership and membership is open for some factions.(apply at forums)

More factions will be open if the playerbase grows and gets a regular amount of players playing daily.

We are currently fixing some bugs, so do have some patience and understanding while we solve and fix it.

Read the rules at our forums before doing anything stupid and blaming it on admins who are just doing their duty.

New unique features and easter eggs will be added soon. Stay tuned for any updates via forum or discord.


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