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Default West-Side RPG ~

West-Side RPG

RPG ~ ClanWars ~ Events ~ Games

West-Side RPG is a Role-Playing Game originally created in 2007.
We are proud to present our RPG server which is regularly improved since
SA-MP 0.2 !

Main features :
- A currency called Rcash.
- 18 different jobs.
- Several ranks.
- More than 100 items to trade between players.
- A lot of goods to own : houses, vehicles, skins, glasses and hats, masks and helmets.
- A tuning system for your vehicles.
- A great event system (available from everywhere).
- 10 various games machines for entertaining yourself with your friends (available from gaming zones), including sumo derby, capture the flag, DeathMatch...
- 5 casino games : Bet, Lottery, Poker, Black-Jack and Slot Machine.

Jobs :
- You start as a Citizen.
- You can quickly get the following jobs : Mechanic, Medical Worker, Police Officer, Public Service Driver, Driving Trainer, Mineworker, Farmer and Woodcutter.
- Then, you may get the following jobs from quests : Anarchist, Drug Dealer, Prostitute, S.W.A.T Force, Security Guard, Hitman, Engineer and Pilot.
- There are also two special jobs : Godfather selected from the first ranked clan (in clan wars) and Mayor elected by players.

Side-Jobs :
- Several side-jobs are available whatever your job, such as road sweeping, trash collection and mowing grass.

Clans and Clan Wars :
- Join or create your own clan.
- Manage it (tags, name, set bosses).
- Compete in the clan wars.
- Become the Godfather.

Reset system :
- Each Saturday, around 8pm, the goods owned by inactive players are released.
- These goods go to auctions, therefore players can add a bid for becoming the new owners.

User Control Panel :

Languages :
- The server is fully translated into English and French.

Help and guides :
- Video Guide
- Read the RPG Guide.
- Use the /help command ingame for getting a lot of informations and the lists of the available commands.
- Use the /@ command ingame for getting help from our admins.

Forum :

Groups :
- Developers / Assistants
- Admins / Helpers
- West-Side Event
- Deejays
- Journalists

- Server : (6667)
- Channel : #ws.echo

And much more to discover !

West-Side RPG - since April 2007 -
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