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Default xTreme Stunt Freeroam []

xTreme Stunt Freeroam
__________________________________________________ ____

Server Information

Server address: (static) / (dynamic)
Server website:
Server UCP:
Server forums:

__________________________________________________ ____
We are one of the oldest freeroam servers that still stick to the SAMP scene, however we have left that limit freeroam brings when it comes to having fun and have thus, decided to bring many more new unique modes, differing us from other servers that are already around. The idea is to bring the opportunity to all the players, to enjoy their preferred gameplay without having to change server.

Our server has a dedicated staff team and social players that will be along with you in case you encounter problems and will help to get them solved as soon as possible. While we may not have that many members online daily, we are trying to create a friendly community and make everyone feel at 'home'. We are that small community that cares about their member's opinion and always looks forward to taking them in consideration.

Regarding our server features, it is useless to start mentioning them as there is nothing better than exploring them yourself; however, as I aforementioned, we offer a vast range of modes and events that everyone can take part in; be it racing, parkour, skydiving, derby, hungergames, Cops and Robbers and many more!

__________________________________________________ ____






Cops and Robbers

__________________________________________________ ____
Community Server Trailers (from players)

__________________________________________________ ____

Server Information

Server address: (static) / (dynamic)
Server website:
Server UCP:
Server forums:
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Will return to the SAMP scene soon with the development of a new Trucking gamemode for my own server (which will also be new).
Looking for mappers to help me; PM if interested.
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