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Little Clucker
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Hi Guys, upon playing on a SA-MP server for around 5-10 minutes, I get the following message, just randomly drop connection and it pops up with that error shown below. Happens ALL the time, I can't play a server properly. Look at the youtube link to see what I mean. (Watch from 00:40 seconds)

"CONNECTION REJECTED: Unacceptable Nickname
Please choose another nickname between 3-20 characters
Please use on A-Z, az, 0-9
Use /quit to exit or press ESC and select Quit Game"

NOTE: This does not happen due to me having an incorrect nickname because it allows me access to the server for at least 20 seconds maximum before I get the message, I am able to walk around and am genuinely in-game able to talk in chat etc until that happens.

So far I have tried the following solutions but these have not worked and am hoping you guys can give me some different solutions;

Tried turning off the firewall and then accessing in-game (Still experienced the issue)
Tried rebooting my router and PC (Still experiencing same issue)
Deleted GTA_SA.Set from San Andreas Userfiles (Still not resolved)
Tried a different name on the client and tried accessing LS-RP (Still same issue)
Re-installed SA-MP Client (Still same issue)
Tried using a different GTA San Andreas

P.S I get the same problem on my other PC, happens on more or less all SA-MP servers, I will drop connection and instantly get Incorrect nickname after 5 minutes of playing.

Now what does work for me is when I use a VPN and then access the server, I saw a solution on youtube and someone used VPN and it worked and the same for me it works. However I do not wish to use VPN as this is restricted at some servers and is a banable offence. Any thing I could try guys? Whats the best thing to do

I have contacted my ISP on several occasions and they don't know what the issue is, anything briefly what I should mention to them or what do I need to do?
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