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Little Clucker
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Default Docker

Hi, im looking for guide to put my server (SAMP + MYSQL) in a Docker Container.
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Default Re: Docker

You don't want to put SA:MP and MySQL into the same container. There's already a MySQL image here: and the readme contains all the necessary information for getting that set up.

As for SA:MP, I built sampctl to simplify the deployment process inside Docker, there's an image here: and more details on configuration here. You'll want to build your server `FROM sampctl` and add any configuration there then when running it, mount the scriptfiles directory so your changes persist between restarts.

Finally, linking the two containers so they can talk to each other will require a bridge network that both containers are connected to, then you can just point the SA:MP server MySQL API to the address "mysql:3306" - yes, "mysql" is a valid domain in the Docker networking setup, it turns container names into domain names for easy access.

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