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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SA:MP Developer Tutorial (Beginner's)

I like your effort to try and educate all these dummies, but the asterisks everywhere don't make it look particularly serious (especially when they're inside code blocks and would prevent it from compiling), and the terminology used is often incorrect. Above all, as previously mentioned, there are obvious mistakes in this.

I think this is a good draft, but it needs a lot more work to be useful. As Ramboi just mentioned, it could also benefit from being split into different tutorials - one for setting up the server, including configuration and port forwarding, another for setting up the dev environment, and a third one with actual scripting basics. Please remove all the subjects you're unsure about or uncomfortable with, or research them better, as many of them are inaccurate or named improperly.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: SA:MP Developer Tutorial (Beginner's)

Thanks guys for your opinions i'd apprecite that.

Little help can you specifie the mistakes taht i can learn them and correct them.

Thank you
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: SA:MP Developer Tutorial (Beginner's)

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Default Re: SA:MP Developer Tutorial (Beginner's)

Originally Posted by Gammix View Post
0.1% of newbs to pawn read these beginner tutorials. And that makes sense too!
XeonMaster, he meant that most newbies think they are able to script, and they are the greatest scripter(s).
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Default Re: SA:MP Developer Tutorial (Beginner's)

1 star. Does the wiki not exist nowadays?
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