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Default Inserting a character into a string.

I've been trying a lot of methods and some fail and some work a little.. Hmm..

Suppose I have a string "trololo1o1o1olo1"

Now How can I replace all the "1"s here with "_1" so it looks like: "trololo_1o_1o_1olo_1"?

I used loops,strfind,strins.. they all failed cuz I'm messing up somewhere..

Any Help Please ?
Goodbye SA-MP.
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Default Re: Inserting a character into a string.

Use str_replace.

str_replace("1 /*the character you  want to replace*/ ", "_1 /* what will replace the character */ ", "trololo1o1o1olo1 /* in which string do you want this to happen*/ ");
If you will do this in a printf line, this will output the "trololo_1o_1o_1olo_1" like you said
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Default Re: Inserting a character into a string.

new string[10];
string[strfind(string,"1")] = '_1';
return string;
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