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Default Re: SAMP Zone Editor

Originally Posted by SajtosPufi View Post
I found an error in the rectangle creation!

Confirming this bug.

You can manually fix this by changing minY and maxY -Y zonesize.
In your case its:
-1651.0 - 232 = -1974
-1409.0 - 232 = -1641
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Default Re: SAMP Zone Editor

my truck server has and I have this..

1398.0, 665.0, 1558.0, 801.0

how can I calculate??to be on my position?
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Default Re: SAMP Zone Editor

Why not create a gang area?
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Default Re: SAMP Zone Editor

Dropbox link is broken and solidfiles is well, solidfiles. Any mirrors?

Also, it crashes on saving. Edit: Only crashes when there isn't enough diskspace.

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Default Re: SAMP Zone Editor

Rep +1 been looking for something similar.
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Default Re: SAMP Zone Editor

Resurrecting a relatively old post here, but with the rectangle zone selector it seems to push up the zones considerably norther than what they are set as on the zone editor. I noticed someone else pointed this out in the comments but didn't particularly explain too well on how to manually fix it. Anyone else have any idea?
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Default Re: SAMP Zone Editor

Not checked this post in a while, but I have fixed the download links and pictures, and I will try and look into the bugs
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