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Default [0.3.DL] Desert County Roleplay [Grand Opening Announcement]

Grand Opening: Saturday, 21st of July 2018.


Welcome to Desert County Roleplay! This is our grand opening advertisement, which means we are opening very soon. Needless to say, we're very excited about the potential we have to create the most enjoyable roleplay experience that SAMP players not only desire...but deserve.
Why are we advertising already you may wonder? Well the answer is simple; whilst our staff team are busy working away to prepare the server we can start to plan and prepare a variety of roleplay aspects so that we're ready to launch from the word 'Go' on day 1. By this, we intend to have our factions set up and ready to go with a fully competent staff team so that we can ensure a smooth release.
We have made great progress within the last few months and are in the stages of getting the gamemode ready for a full release (bug fixes, etc).

Why us

We know what makes a successful community and we know what doesn't. We've all been players ourselves and we know what we desire from a good server to have a fun roleplaying experience. Our founders are mature, adult Europeans who strive to achieve a professional and realistic server for our players. We have systems and policies in place to prevent corruption, unfair advantages and to ensure that all players are given equal opportunity to progress and roleplay. This is a heavy/strict roleplay server and as such, we will enforce that. We have unique, custom mappings including interior and exterior designs you won't find anywhere else.
We're attempting to break the norm of traditional roleplay which very much sees a "Cops and Robbers" kind of idea, and are actively encouraging and supporting unique factions which bring a different type of roleplay to the table including mental health and an in character events based company.

Feature Videos
Trash Collector Job:
Farmer Job:
Weapon Purchasing:
Mechanic Respray:
Sheriff's HQ:
Festival Stage:

Our community

We are based in Bone County in order to reduce the size of the roleplaying area, thus creating more enjoyable interaction with one another. The whole of the county is available to utilised though and so you are not restricted in how you desire to play.

Server Information

  • Grand Opening: Saturday, 21st of July 2018.
  • Server IP: (or
  • Website:
  • Teamspeak:
  • Discord:

Our Unique Selling Point

We have a unique ability to edit almost anything and everything in game which can be customised through the owner’s settings. Faction permissions, staff permissions, you name it. Anything can be changed in game at the push of a button. For example, taxes are set by the local government and can be changed according to roleplay demands.
  • A new innovative way of roleplaying
  • Professional staff team
  • Dynamic in game mapping
  • Furniture system
  • Personally designed maps for your faction/group (with re-designed textures)
  • Unique script and features
  • Heavy roleplay

We are always open to new ideas, suggestions and support. In summary, we like to think of ourselves as a friendly community of players, ran by players. So why not join us on our grand opening? You won't regret it.
Desert County Roleplay
Server Owner and Developer
Server IP:

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