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Default Re: UUID4 - Universal Unique Identifiers

Originally Posted by Ada32 View Post


the chances of a collision happening though is ridiculously low. like ridiculously ridiculously (did i say ridiculously?) low
I don't think you stressed ridiculously low enough (I'm not being sarcastic). If everyone on earth generated a million uuids per second for the age of the universe, there's a 50% chance any two of them would match.

For reference, there's a thing called the birthday paradox, which says that it takes only 30 people for a 50% chance that two of them will have the same birthday. So this huge age of the universe chance is massive despite being lowered by the same paradox.

Also, that article ignored two things:

1) some databases do support them natively.

2) binary trees are most efficiently balanced when the inserted data is random.
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Default Re: UUID4 - Universal Unique Identifiers

Some additional notes for this:

Yes, typical basic servers with an SQL database with a few thousand player records and auto increment IDs will not need this.

However, complex gamemodes often have many different entity types that are persisted. Often, these entities may be created by applications other than the gamemode itself, such as web services. The UUID format is standard and widely support in most programming languages and databases (yes, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and plenty of others actually support storing UUIDs as 128 bit fields not strings of text - I know from experience that Postgres provides optimised index features for UUIDs).

This isn't just for things in a database but for anything - you could assign UUIDs to vehicles, items, player login sessions, individual commands and chat messages or even every event that ever happens on a server ever - that beats using a combination of timestamp, event type, event contents, etc as a primary key.

The article does have some good points about UUIDs and is definitely worth a read by anyone considering using this plugin, but I wouldn't go as far as saying "you will almost never have to use uuids".



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Default Re: UUID4 - Universal Unique Identifiers

the problem isn't uuids itself, it's how they're implementated. for starters they aren't (and shouldn't be) primary keys! i think that's what most people seem to think. they're more so references to a system designed to be made up of very different parts but are still part of that system

so this

Originally Posted by [HLF]Southclaw
Itís also perfect for identifying entities such as vehicles, pickups, items, etc. A good example of this is the Scavenge and Survive gamemode: on each server restart, around 10-20,000 items are generated and placed in the world, each of these items is assigned a unique identifier so if a player picks one up and keeps it in their inventory or in a vehicle trunk, the unique identifier persists throughout the itemís lifetime and everywhere it goes can be tracked. This is very useful for auditing and anti-cheat.
i'd argue would actually be unnecessary as you would still need something (your db) to help differentiate between the items, vehicles etc.

which contradicts

Originally Posted by [HLF]Southclaw
The problem with this is youíre relying on the database implementation to handle the uniqueness. This locks you into using that database and also means thereís a reliance on sequentiality in the identifiers.
maybe my words were brash so i'll reclarify by saying "you will almost never have to use uuids in samp"
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