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Default Dynamic Object System

So I've been scripting for my own game mode and I wanted to make this so I and my mappers will be able to add some stuff InGame easly, So yeah, Why don't i share it for everyone? So it will store the coordinates of the object in a .ini file, And store some information. You will be able to know who created the object and when (DD/MM/YYYY) and if the object is edited (Pos.) You will be able to know who edited it.
So when I was a beginer at Pawn, I thought it will be a hard work but it was an easy one. I hope that some new guys will be able to learn from this and even improve it.
Finaly, Please keep the credits. If you spotted a bug or have a suggestion, Explain it in a reply here or just PM me. I'll work on it. Till now I didn't find any bug.

Don't forget to rep. !! Thank you!

  • /createobject - To add a new object
  • /delobject - To remove an object
  • /editobject - To edit an object (Pos)
  • /gotoobject - To TP To an object
  • /objectinfo - To check the object's information.
  • /oused- To check the objects used.
Youtube Video
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Pss I suck at creating/editing videos.

How To Install?
You need few includes:After adding these includes to your "Pawno\includes" folder, Simply add this FilterScript to your folder and server settingsAnd the final step is to create a folder with "ObjectsFile" as a name in your "scriptfiles" folder. Where the objects will be stored.

  • SA-MP Team -
  • Y_Less and Emmet_ -
  • ZeeX -
  • DracoBlue -

Note: If you add this to your server as a FilterScript restarting the server using gmx won't re-create the created objects, You have to add it to your game mode to fix this.

Scripting/Programing for cash. PM for more info.

[Filterscript]Role Play Gates
[Filterscript]Dynamic Object System
[Tool]Server Control Panel
[Tool]Server Control Panel Version 2

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