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Default Lumberjack Job


You can cut trees and load the logs into your Bobcat, then sell them to Log Buyers.

To cut a tree, you must go near one and press N while holding a chainsaw. You can buy a chainsaw from Log Buyers using /chainsaw command.


#define CUTTING_TIME - Time required to cut a tree, in seconds. (Default: 8)
#define LOG_LIMIT - How many logs can players load to a Bobcat. (Default: 10)
#define ATTACH_INDEX - SetPlayerAttachedObject index for the log object, you can change it to avoid conflicts if you get any. (Default: 7)
#define TREE_RESPAWN - Time required to respawn a tree, in seconds. (Default: 300)
#define LOG_LIFETIME - Life time of a dropped log, in seconds. (Default: 120)
#define LOG_PRICE - Price of a log. (Default: 50)
#define CSAW_PRICE - Price of a chainsaw. (Default: 500)


/chainsaw - Allows you to buy a chainsaw from Log Buyers.

/log - Has 5 options which are load, take, takefromcar, takefromtree and sell.
-> /log load Loads the log you're carrying into a Bobcat.
-> /log take Takes a log from the ground.
-> /log takefromcar Takes a log from a Bobcat.
-> /log takefromtree Takes a log from a cut tree.
-> /log sell Sells the log you're carrying to a Log Buyer.

N Key - Drops the log you're carrying.

RCON Only:

Tree Related:
/createtree - Creates a tree on your location.
/edittree [tree id] - Allows you to edit the specified tree's position.
/removetree [tree id] - Removes the specified tree.

Log Buyer Related:
/createbuyer [skin id] - Creates a log buyer on your location.
/setbuyerskin [buyer id] [skin id] - Changes the specified buyer's skin.
/setbuyerpos [buyer id] - Changes the specified buyer's position to your position.
/removebuyer [buyer id] - Removes the specified log buyer.


* This script doesn't create any Bobcats, you have to add them.
* If you're getting compile errors, make sure you're using the latest versions of everything.


Emmet_ for Extended vehicle functions (although he removed the pastebin in the thread, you can get it from here)
[HLF]Southclaw for Progress Bars v2
Slice for SQLite Improved
Incognito for Streamer Plugin
Yashas for Improved ZCMD
Y_Less & maddinat0r & Misiur for sscanf and YSI.


All Releases | YouTube

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

Nice one
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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

Oh really nice.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

"Yet another" Good system, Great work pal.
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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

It's really nice!
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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

Where do u get your inspiration from? GoodWork..
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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

Nice Again and Again .. Uhh So Sweet..
Legendary Criminals

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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

Best stuff ever, keep it up bud
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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

Wow you are active lately! Scrapping your server project and releasing parts? or just bored and creating random things?
n1 either way.
Blueberry Prison Roleplay will be back soon!
Follow the forums for more information about opening day.

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Default Re: Lumberjack Job

imagination life is your creation
wp kid 5-Star
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