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Big Clucker
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Default CMath Library

• CMath Library

I released this plugin well before in Portuguese section before my account removal but didn't do it here until now, this was pretty much my first plugin release back then.

This plugin allows you to use some of CMath library's mathematical functions, few aren't included since they already exist.

Reference: Here

native Float:cosh(Float:x);
native Float:sinh(Float:x);
native Float:tanh(Float:x);
native Float:acosh(Float:x);
native Float:asinh(Float:x);
native Float:atanh(Float:x);
native Float:exp(Float:x);
native Float:frexp(Float:x, &exp);
native Float:ldexp(Float:x, exp);
native Float:log10(Float:x);
native Float:modf(Float:x, &Float:intpart);
native Float:exp2(Float:x);
native Float:expm1(Float:x);
native ilogb(Float:x);
native Float:log1p(Float:x);
native Float:log2(Float:x);
native Float:logb(Float:x);
native Float:scalbn(Float:x, exp);
native Float:cbrt(Float:x);
native Float:hypot(Float:x, Float:y);
native Float:tgamma(Float:x);
native Float:lgamma(Float:x);
native Float:remquo(Float:numer, Float:denom, &quot);
native Float:copysign(Float:x, Float:y);
native Float:fdim(Float:x, Float:y);
native Float:fmax(Float:x, Float:y);
native Float:fmin(Float:x, Float:y);
PHP Code:
//Example: native Float:frexp(Float:x, &exp); 


Float:param 8.0Float:resultn

result frexp (param n); 
printf ("%f = %f * 2^%d\n"paramresultn); 

//Output: 8.000000 = 0.500000 * 2^4 
PHP Code:
//Example: native Float:remquo(Float:numer, Float:denom, &quot); 


Floatnumer 10.3Float:denom 4.5Float:resultquot
result remquo (numerdenomquot); 
printf ("numerator: %f"numer); 
printf ("denominator: %f"denom); 
printf ("remainder: %f"result); 
printf ("quotient: %d"quot); 



numerator: 10.300000 
denominator: 4.500000 
remainder: 1.300000 
quotient: 2 

-Thanks to Dayvison_ for linux binary.


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Default Re: CMath Library

Good Plugin
No Projects At the moment

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: CMath Library

Good work, it is very interesting adding practical functions of C++ to PAWN.
American State Roleplay
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