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Default Re: 10 Years of Samp

Originally Posted by augustogdo View Post
I believe it is not yet time for SA: MP to end. It's weird that none of the beta testers have spoken about the lack of updates and the future of SA: MP, not even Kalcor who is the developer talked about it.

I think of some possibilities:
1 - Kalcor is developing a major update that will bring many new things to create greater competitiveness with MTA.

2 - Kalcor is developing a new SA: MP, abandoning the entire current system of programming language and interface, to bring something more professional as well as MTA.

Kalcor is simply abandoning SA: MP forever and will do so simply by leaving the forum and leaving the players on account, using the mod while there are a medium number of players and soon after, It.

Which is unlikely considering that some of the beta testers would have the good sense to explain the situation to the world.

Call me crazy or not, but I love SA: MP and I do not want it to end, even if there is still the MTA.
I disagree, first, all those scenarios you were talking about, still don't make sense, anyone of SA-MP could give an update of what they are doing to SA-MP, so no big project or update coming soon.

And about the MTA, oh boy, SA-MP is from from even competing to MTA.

Originally Posted by MrViolence101 View Post
Python is for newbies. High school drop-outs. No Offence. I'll leave it there.
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Originally Posted by amirm3hdi View Post
And about the MTA, oh boy, SA-MP is from from even competing to MTA.
Yea, I call bullshit on that... It's clearly the other way around.
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