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Default [Double XP] Ultimate Roleplay | Hosted tab | Hiring helpers | Free VIP|

Why choose Ultimate Roleplay?

You should choose Ultimate Roleplay because we have many unique features to offer you from dynamic houses, to dynamic businesses to an active staff team who are here for you when you need, we are currently seeking for active community helpers and everybody has a chance to be on the staff team if you prove you are willing to work hard, our script is updated regularly and we always have new features for you. There are many things to do around Ultimate Roleplay, join and you will found out for your self, see you soon.

Ultimate Roleplay (Double XP)

Current factions that are open for application and to join:
  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas Government
  • San Andreas Contract Agency
  • San News
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Los Santos Medical and Fire Dept.

You can apply for gangs factions via the forums which will be posted below for you:

Server Media/Information/Features/Commands

Ultimate Roleplay (Double XP)
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