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Default Insanity roleplay [|] Advanced [|] 0.3.8 R4-4 [|] Custom skins

Insanity roleplay was initially launched the 4th of January, starting from zero to build a stable and fun community environment for everyone to enjoy and take place of! We offer a great customer and player service, having the most professional administration and moderation we can get. We work every day to construct our server for a successful route by what our players think and suggest. The server is a heavy based roleplay server with almost no rule breaking ever taken place. If there are, our active administration team will take actions immediately. At our server, you can enjoy the joyful roleplay and actually act out of your character and let your real life just slide away for the moment.

What can I do as a civilian on the server?
Unlike other roleplay servers, we offer a huge selection of things to do on the server as a civilian,
here's just a few to mention...
Working as a Garbage Collector
Collecting trash might for once actually help you out! Tired of running down the street to throw the trash bin out for your mom? Now it's time to collect the trash! Become one of many trash collectors throughout Los Santos. Earn $1.200 per paycheck and work your way up to become an even better garbage collector! This is the currently best paying work in Los Santos, so why not join and become one of them?!
Delivering pizzas on a scooter!
Delivering pizza's to homes can be a tough job, this requires some skill! Become one of the Well Stacked Pizza delivery boys and help the restaurant deliver their pizzas on a red scooter!
Harvest the Flint County farms!
Looking for some county sided work? No worries, the farm in Flint County are always happy to hire you to harvest their farms. Make $1.300 per harvest run, return to Los Santos as a rich county-boy!
Truck around San Andreas!
The trucking depot at Blueberry is always happy to hire new drivers to deliver late-responded cargo! Hop into a truck and make deliveries to Angel Pine, Las Venturas, Los Santos and San Fierro! If you're lucky you'll also get to deliver to Bayside and make a few extra bucks to your paycheck!
Broadcast news all over Los Santos!
Not that there's any company invested in Los Santos yet but.. why not be the first one?! Establish a news company, post out newspapers every week and make money by selling them! Follow live pursuits as they happen, they're not hard to miss! Start your real estate investment into the company right away! If you won't succeed, you've still tried!
Become an uber driver!
Are you sick and tired of driving around the whole state for free, no worries! You can get paid by becoming an uber driver! Transport people all over town to their destinations and earn some bucks doing it, in-fact, the Los Santos Cabbie Co. are looking for REAL taxi drivers as we speak! Why not drive a marked Taxi?!
And much more to be found out in the gameplay!

What can I do as a criminal on the server?
Become a lowkey drug dealer!
Looking for some quick cash and don't wanna get high yourself? Sell your drugs over to others and make money by that, the cops are watching though, be careful!
Go steal a vehicle and sell it!
Don't wanna stay as a low-key drug dealer? Time for you to steal your very first vehicle! Trick someone to let you test drive a car, AND DRIVE OFF! Go sell it for a couple of bucks before the cops get to you! Make sure to get rid of any evidence though!
Burglar a house or store!
That's right, break into a house or store and steal its components! You might just be lucky and find a firearm laying around there! But watch out.. Once the alarm goes off.. The Los Santos Police Department will be outside the door within seconds! So be ready with equipment..
Join a crime family and do illegal instances with them!
Wanna make sure larger cash? Join a crime family or create your own, prepare for a heist and execute it!
What can go wrong?!

What are some other awesome features you have?We've got a huge load of features that might not be displayed here, they're a surprise for you to find out when you join the server!
Housing and furnishing..
We allow a great lead of features that allows you to design your own home, style it after your art and enjoy a pizza in the bed if you'd like to! Design your home with over 50 pages of furniture, a working tap water, safes to conceal your most worth items!

Insanity roleplay administration team.

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