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Default Critical Life - Advanced Dynamic Roleplay(beta) || Refunding || New Updates - backpacks, spraytags, repfam, ganglockers


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Who are we

Critical Life Roleplay is a SAMP server that have been running on the mid 2016. It was shut around March because of the few individual issues the group directors had. With no other decision, they needed to close it because of the absence of the consideration of players towards the server's supervisors. It was re-opened on that month by the persuaded server owner.

Monthly Event

Every month, CLRP begins a 2-day zombie disease occasion which incorporates all players. In the first day, an arbitrary player will be handpick-ed as the zombie. Everybody has the ability to cure these zombies through purchasing a cure at a hospital delivery point. As a zombie, he or she should [/bite] regular people to infect him/her. Infected regular citizens can be cured through vials from FDSA individuals who can utilize [/getvials] to get vials and [/curevirus] to cure these contaminated individuals.

Staff Team

There were a few players who whined about our staff group. These staff individuals have been expelled from the group and new individuals have had their spot. We are presently being strict at our choices after procuring administrators, moderators, and advisors. Applications have been introduced for any individual who wishes to be a piece of our staff group

Factions and Families

Past leaders before the server's impermanent closed down were repudiated from their status as faction/family leader. We are presently contracting new and fresh faction/family leaders who are committed to make both the server and the faction/family have a pleasant domain. Once again, applications have been introduced for family creation and faction leadership to any individual who wishes to be a piece of it.

Server Information

Forums:* *under maintenance
Teamspeak 3:

NOTE: We are looking for some staffs. but donot spam around the server asking/reporting to become a staff. Please co-operate wth us and we will decide your position.
Looking for some mature guys to manage my kids

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