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Default (HOSTED TAB) Call Of Duty - Ghosts! (UPDATE | BUILD 5.0 | NEW - 0.3.7)


Server Information

Server IP:
Website: Click here
Forum: Click here
Discord: Click here



Call Of Duty - Ghosts has been under development since August 2017.
The server features two teams, the Ghosts and the Federations.
We are like no other Call Of Duty community but we, feature contents from the original Call Of Duty - Ghosts franchise.
We launched in November and since then, we
are having a stable player base (20 - 30).
We have a professional, helpful and friendly staff team. We are also currently looking for administrators and mappers!





+ 2 Teams (Ghosts & Federations)

+ 10 Classes (Soldier, Sniper, Engineer, JetTrooper, Field Support, Scout, Spy, Pilot, Recon)

-> Soldier - They are here to defend their bases and complete server objectives
-> Sniper - They are invisible in the map.
-> Engineer - They can drive rhinoes
-> JetTrooper - Can spawn jetpacks
-> Field Support - Support teammates with health and armour
-> Scout - Spawns with special weapons and can pilot sea-sparrows
-> Spy - They can disguise and take the enemies down.
-> Pilot - Can pilot hunters and hydras
-> Recon - The deadliest class. They can use /stealth and will be invisible in the map for 60s. Using this advantage, they can steal enemy prototype or sneak in enemy bases.

+ Prototype system whereby there will be 2 vehicles in the team's bases and the enemy should take the prototype to their own base.

Custom Loadout
-> Like the original Call Of Duty game, you can create your very own loadout and then switch between either the class' default loadout or your own loadout!
-> Ability to edit loadout
-> Delete loadout
-> Set your loadout's name

Call of duty style - Set your own signature & Spec cam
->When you die, you spectate the killer and you are shown his signature.

Capturable zones
-> You can assist your teammates to capture it
-> There'll be a bonus zone each 10 minutes

Call of duty style - shot indicator

Call of duty style - Medal system

User-friendly - All commands are explained in /cmds

... There are too many features to list out! Just come and check it out yourself!


We are..... THE GHOSTS!


CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS - Website | Forum | IP:
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