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Default Bayside Roleplay - Grand Opening!

A long work has finally paid off!

I would like to introduce you to Bayside Roleplay!
We've been working on this project for a month, it might be a small time, but we take each change very seriously!

We will soon open the server to the public, hope you all give it a big chance!
Thanks to South Central Roleplay script and it's great creators they have given us a big chance to open a new community with great features!

Me and Ivanov have edited things in the script to bring the best experience, we fixed bugs through the time and did our best to make the server more enjoyable, if there are any issues showing up, make sure to visit our forums and let us know anything you think about our little Project!

Some of you might remember my old Project called " Utopia Roleplay " some may, some don't.. so we call it a big " Hello We're Back! " cause I've been asked to bring the server back, finally it's back with much better features!

Through time we made it more playable while adding more things to the "dead town", El Quebrados has been added too to give more space to RP on! - maybe Las Payasadas will be our next target.

We might not be the best scripters/developers we can, but we sure learn things through the time we modify the great script! - after all it's all possible! - just enjoy!


Factions to Gangs, we have all of them!

Bayside Sheriff's Department
Bayside News
Bayside FMD
El Quebra Sheriff's Department
SGI ( Secret Government Intelligence - For these who can Roleplay Good and Nope that's not hitman fac )
And such more!

Planning to create a family? illegal faction? the Dealers will supply you with great things you've never thought about!

Join the community, we will soon open the server, don't lose the grand opening!
Special events might be conducted!

Server Information:

Server IP:
Bayside Roleplay Grand Opening
Server IP:

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