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Default Coast County Roleplay | | Unique | Re-Opened | Realistic Economy

Spend along time making something very different " is our main goal here in Coast County Roleplay, Although our serve have been locked for a quite long time between 4 or 5 months we didn't except it will take that long time but as I said spending a lot of time to make something different is our main goal so it worth the time and resources that management team has been putting all their efforts on it.

When we first started working on Coast County Roleplay script we found out it was stacked up with riddles and bugs after it was complete that we thought it was hard to find, But with the help of our recently Testers Staff and Mr. Sunehil's good scripting techniques we found out away to fix or change them.

Till now our Testers Staff is still working on finding new bugs and scripts error but luckily we haven't got any feedback from them about any noticed bugs.

Coast County Roleplay would like to introduce and announce our Coast County Roleplay version 1.0.2 to our beloved guests who might want to become members of our community or just want to have fun, we have a lot of stuff under our sleeves to show it to you but patient is the key to achieve ultimate success with our server. We have a lot to offer and would like to hear any suggestions from you on our server and anything you want to discuss or meet new members from all around the world, we would like to make you sure that you won't feel disappointed and you'll enjoy your experience with Coast County Roleplay.

Custom Maps
Our mappers team have given their best in making custom textured maps all over the Palmino Creek to give our players a new way of roleplaying in a new place.

Yes, you heard it right, we got factions recruitment status opened! You can apply on forums.

You can join a gang by contacting the leader of it or you can create your own after meeting requirements of it and then applying on forums.

Inventory System Based On Textdraws
The script uses inventory system which is based on Textdraws for easier usage.

Realistic Economy
Now here's the real part, a server should know how to handle the economy and we've done our best to make it realistic.

Realistic Features
Every system is made by thinking as how it would be in real life so fear not! You will find things in a realistic way on our server!

We got a variety of jobs on our server, you can work and earn money and live your life. Money earned depends on the type of job you are doing. The best job to start with is either miner or courier delivery.

You can rob players by getting the thief job, and moreover when you get 4 members you can even rob a business and get some real money! It all depends on you whether ya wanna be a good guy or a bad guy.

So What Are You Waiting For? Join Us!
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