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Default Sin City Role Play

*I don't own this server, I am posting this with permission for a friend
Welcome to Sin City Roleplay! [] | []

Sin City Roleplay is a brand new SA:MP server that is unique from any other roleplay server. SC-RP is set in Las Venturas, which is rarely, if ever, seen today. SC-RP also has a unique script that is easy to learn, allows for player freedom never seen before, and just isn't stupid.

No paying to enter businesses

No restrictions based on XP or paycheck levels

Houses don't display every single bit of information about the owner for whatever reason some servers do

You never have to '/spawn' your vehicles, they are just there when you log in where you parked them last

Guns are hard to acquire, and can only be bought from players, not off the shelf
VIP system that isn't pay-to-win

Choose how you play: Feel free to RP at any intensity you like, as long as you don't fool around too much

Sin City Roleplay is a medium RP server, and the script caters to this. You are free to RP however intensely you choose, as long as you aren't a troll.

SC-RP has many features, including:





Car, helicopter, and plane ownership with fuel

Dynamic toys

Dynamic gates

Dozens of RP commands

Vehicle mods

Anti Cheat, and much more!!

A big focus that is executed through the script is that all players are on a level playing field.
There is and never will be any levels, or ranks that determine what you can and can't do on the server.

Everyone is free to do as they wish from the beginning, but don't worry!

The script and setup of the gamemode makes it very difficult for anyone to join and ruin your day. Leveling is the lazy way to accomplish this. We're not lazy.

SC-RP is very new, and is in desperate need of growing a community. Feel free to join at our temporary IP:

This IP will soon become


San Andreas: Global Offensive |//

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