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Default Cubie Emergency Roleplay [VoIP Based Server]

About Cubie Emergency Roleplay

The server Cubie Emergency Roleplay features with a lot of unique systems, one specifically being the VoIP feature. The developers of the server took the initiative to turn the community into something new and had a vision of creating the very first SAMP based VoIP server. This feature was first introduced in GTA V RP servers but it never extended to SAMP and hence it gave us an opportunity to take the chance of introducing it within the SAMP community. The server has been in works for about four months and has been developed simultaneously as the days went by. This is a whitelisted server, and hence you have to apply for the server before you're able to play on our server. Our server is still in the BETA stage and hence there still a few things that haven't been added into the server yet. The server starts in Bayside but has an extension towards the Tierra Robada Territory.


Introduction to VoIP

VoIP or in other words known as 'Voice over IP' refers to a system where multiple individuals use their voice rather than the in-game text to communicate. Taking that into notice, the server will also enforce upon people to use the VoIP feature. Anyone who's not willing to use the VoIP system is free to leave the community at any time.


How VoIP works In-Game.

Your start off by using the command /channel on to activate the VoIP Channels system.


If you just use /channel without turning it on, you'll get an error stating this.


When the channel system has been turned on. You then use the command /channel [1-5] to switch to any of the listed five channels.


Once you switch to the channel, the script gives out an announcement to all those within a radius of 4 meters away from you. They will also be able to see a label above your head which would indicate the channel you are in.


When the person near you uses the same commands, you are notified about the channel he switches to and you should be able to see a label above his head indicating the channel he is in.


How VoIP works in the TeamSpeak 3 Server [When In-Game as well]

Once you connect to our TeamSpeak 3 server at You'll be able to see these channel listings at the beginning.


Now you'll notice the channels listed as 'VoIP Channel [No]' It's because it has been setup corresponding to the ingame system. Once you switch to a channel, your character will be listed under the channel.

VoIP Lobby is the lobby where all civilians should always be waiting in when they are RP'ing, no exceptions.


The VoIP channels 1-5 are the channels people switch to when they interact with one another using the in-game command /channel [1-5]. With the newest addition of the TeamSpeak Connector Plugin by maddinat0r, you can now use the command /channel [1-5] in game and get automatically switched to the channel itself on TeamSpeak! However you need to be logged in on TeamSpeak after you've logged in-game for the Server Query to recognize your connection.


Application Process

If you're interested in joining the server please connect to the server: Note: Connect in with your Master Account name, not the name you want to RP with! After you've done that your account has been registered, now you need to apply here. Once you've submitted your application please give us some time to review the application. A new post will be made about your application where it states the current status of said application.

Accepted Applications

Once your application has been accepted you will continue to the next phase in our application process this will involve a quick interview on our Teamspeak where we make sure that you indeed have a quality microphone and are able to speak the English language. If you don't appear within two weeks from your application being accepted you will be denied for whitelisting. Do note: In this interview you could still be denied for the servers whitelisting.

Once you've passed the interview stage you'll be given a quick brief about how the server operates and how the VoIP mechanic works in its full extend. From there you will be able to play on our server where you can make up to 5 characters.


Denied Applications

If your application has been denied you may want to take a look at the reason why that is done. If you think you fixed the issues for denial you are free to re-apply for the server after a minimum of 7 days.

Failure to wait the 7 days to re-apply will result in a instant denial of your application.


Pending Applications

When your application is pending please be patient. We've received the application and we'll try to come back to you with a verdict as soon as we can. Note: Do not ask any admin to respond to your application, this will result in a denial of your application.



We currently have two factions setup in the server:
  • Tierra Robada State Patrol - It's the inter-city State Police which has jurisdiction around the boundaries of Bayside and Tierra Robada. It is the only Law Enforcement Agency in the server as of now.
  • Bayside Fire Department - Bayside Fire Department is, as by the name, the fire and medical department of the server. The HQ of the faction is in Bayside but has Medical Clearance in Tierra Robada as well. Like the Tierra Robada State Patrol, the Bayside Fire Department is the only Fire and Medical department of the server.



At the moment we do not have any gangs/families setup. However, you can apply for one on our forums.


Update v1.2.0 [BETA]

Mechanic Job:

Want to be a Mechanic/Tow truck driver? Well now you can! Head to the Tierra Robada Scrapyard (/map) and get the job.

Taxi Job:

Is driving a Taxi more your thing? Head to El Quabrados and get the job. (/map)

Trucking Job:
Trucking more your thing? You'll be able to find this job in El Quebrados. Go Inside of the restaurant at the gas station and /getjob at the pickup.


Smuggling is now fully functional. Buy a boat at the vehicle dealership and start your illegal activities. (/smugglehelp)

Bank robbery:

One of the bigger scripts on the server has been implemented a fully functional bank robbery script with two options.

Option 1: Go in guns blaz'n and see if the clerks are intimidated enough by you.
Option 2: Buy some Explosives off Jim and blow yourself a way inside.

Do note: You can only rob the bank when the're at least 3 state troopers on duty.

Revamped Property System:

Every house in the state of Tierra Robada (Currently only available in Bayside) have their own number according to their street names.
State Troopers also have the ability to check property owners in their MDC.
Download the Map mod here:

Inventory system:

You can now view your inventory, (/inv) Illegal Items (except for weapons) will be marked red in your inventory any legal items will be white. Watch out tough because State Troopers now also have the ability to frisk you and take the items you have.

Smaller changes:

- Custom noob skin has been added,
- /help has been redone,
- /cuff, /drag has been revamped,
- you can now clear your chat with /cpc,
- Weapon saving has been fixed,
- /park has been revamped,
- /work was added to the Taxi and Mechanic Job,
- /Jobhelp added,
- More admin commands have been added,
- /buyfood has been added for restaurants,
- You can no longer buy guns at Jim if he does not have any stock,
- /phonebook has been added,
- /fishinghelp added
- You're no longer able to drive a car while cuffed,
- Animation bugs when using /cuff fixed,
- and many bug fixes.


Server Information

Server IP:

TeamSpeak 3 IP:



UCP: It's still under development.

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