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Default Re: Master Account vs Regular Account?

Originally Posted by simpleroot View Post
Well I don't play on stunt servers, but I don't want to change my dynamic IP then get locked out my account. Using passwords for master accounts is best way, and you don't have to be sassy about it lol.

And for the "stolen from GTA V online" I believe it's also foolish to say that. Gameplay mechanics should never be owned by someone else, if so, then the whole FPS games community could be sued by the first FPS game ever made, it's the same case for this.
First off, it's from a CnR mode. You don't get locked out of your account if your IP changes as if it notices that then it asks you for the password.

The 'stolen from GTA Online' is because it was ONLY when GTA V came out that people started looking at this.

It's not a problem for copyright as you can't say that it is copied, as it's only the concept...

"Sass"... Please stop trying to take offence at something that's expressed to you, after all, so many try to coin this when their 'points' have been shot to shit.

After all, you were saying that it wasn't true. If you don't understand capabilities in script, then please, don't try tell people that it's not anything that can happen. Hell, even some RP servers over time have allowed IP logins.

You can't be sued for taking a concept, and making a copy... Hell, look at all the CoD servers, and the new PUBG modes... If this were the case, we'd have been served already, which hasn't occurred.
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Originally Posted by NoOneInParticular
Thanks, I make a living as a programmer, so I'm fairly certain I know how scripting works. And thanks for the suggestion but it is not going to work, no matter how big a story you post.
Originally Posted by reemyrobby View Post
"the majority of the community"
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Default Re: Master Account vs Regular Account?

Master Account.
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Default Re: Master Account vs Regular Account?

Master Account
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Default Re: Master Account vs Regular Account?

Regular... Since heavy roleplay is literally more to real life than any other roleplay.. Why would I chose another character.. You only have one character in real life why have more than one in the almost back to reality roleplay... If you would have said light roleplay then the answer would be different... Well it's just an opinion though...
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