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Default New Generation Gaming




Server Introduction

New Generation Gaming is a remake of Next Generation Gaming. New Generation Gaming was launched recently, and we're currently under development and working on many new features for the server and community. NGG's old community might be known in the past but we're currently under a whole new Administration Team, as well as many new members on the community. If you are the roleplay type of a player our server will be a great fit for you, live the real life experience in New Generation Gaming, we have a huge amount of features you can enjoy, get to know new people, join us today! For more information please visit our website

Player Experience
Staff Team
Dedicated Staff Team to watch over the server and prevent rulebreakers from ruining the players experience. As well as a Dedicated Helper team to help players in need of assistance with server related or roleplaying questions

Forum Complaint
Forum Complaint System that is easily accessible and can help punish rulebreakers whether they are players or staff members, we have a list of rules that we obligate our players to abide by

Roleplay Experience
We have an Organized Faction, Gang and Businesses system to allow players interested in enrolling to have an in-depth roleplay experience.on our server, players also have the ability to create their own gang or faction by submitting an application on our forums

Referral System
Brand New Referral System which rewards players that are interested in bringing members to the server and helping it grow. Referral System also allows the player to be able to easily start their own Gangs/Organization.

Server Features

Job System
A Job System with a huge amount of jobs that can be found below, by continuously working in the job you choose, you are able to boost up your job skill, which allows you to do more in your job

Legal Jobs
Detective: This job is helpful for Law Enforcement Agencies, or players who like to roleplay as detectives, the job is used to find criminals as the job allows you to locate people around San ANdreas
Lawyer: This job allows you to defend criminals, remove their wanted level, reduce their jail time or even release them from jail with a trial
Mechanic: This job allows you to repair totalled vehicles, add nitrous and hydriclus to the vehicle
Bodyguard: This job allows you to give players a vest, you can even roleplay being a bodyguard and guard houses or people
Boxer: This job is used to box people inside the Gym,
Taxi Driver: This job is used to drive people around the city for a price
Craftsman: This job is used to sell crafts to the people (screwdrivers, tires, crowbars etc..)
Bartender: This job is used to sell alcohol to the people in bars
Shipment Contractor: This job is used to deliver items around the city using a truck, this job can also be illegal if you deliver illegal substances or firearm
Pizzaboy: This job is used to deliver pizza to the houses around San Andreas
Garbageman: This job is used to collect garbage from around the city

Illegal Jobs
Whore: This job is used to give pleasure to any client who may be interested in having some fun
Drug Dealer: This job is used to sell illegal substances to people (i.e cannabis and crack)
Arms Dealer: This job is used to sell firearm to people
Drug Smuggling: This job is used to keep the Crack Lab filled with Cannabis and Crack, players can also try to steal them from you

Factions System
Factions System contains roleplay groups, mostly legal governmental groups filled with members, each faction has a different duty, leaders and members

Los Santos Police Department: is a local law enforcement agency, their duty is to fight crime around San Andreas, they have the authority to arrest and give speeding tickets
(Divisions include: Detectives Bureau, SWAT Team, FTO)
San Andreas Armed Services: is a military agency, their duty is to fight crime around San Andreas, protect the crate cave and assist Law Enforcement Agencies in operations
(Divisions include: Military Affairs, Airforce, Medical Company, Intelligence Operations)
Executive Government: is the department that oversees the operations of Law Enforcement Agencies, enforces rules, moderates the constitution of San Andreas and fines taxes from the civilians
Judicial Branch: is in charge of all cases that involve the government and civilians and with the administration of justice
(Divisions include: Lower Court, Supreme Court, Civil Court)
Fire Department of San Andreas: is in charge of fire fighting and treating injured civilians
(Divisions include: EMS, Fire Battalion)
Hitman Agency

Gangs System
We have a very large number of gangs which are constantly growing, each gang has its own headquarter, turf and locker, you can even create your own gang and choose its type: mafia, motorcycle club, street gang whatever you like! If you are a gang member you can help your gang capture more turfs or even fight their enemies

Advertisement System
In order to earn money, you have the ability to sell and buy items, we have an advertisement system which allows you to post an advertisement to sell or buy items

Crate System
San Andreas Armed Services have a crate cave inside their facility, crates that contain firearm that is delivered to Law Enforcement Agencies upon request, you have the ability to steal crates from the Crate Cave and use the weapons stored inside of the crates or even sell them

Players have the ability to own an infinite amount of properties, which includes houses, garages, and headquarters, if you cannot afford to purchase a property you are able to rent a house
You also have the ability to store firearms and drugs inside of your house

Businesses System
Players have the ability to own a business, we have plenty types of business which include but not limited to: Gas Station, 24/7s and Dealerships, you choose the prices of the products you sell, you can make a good profit out of it

Gambling System
Players have the ability to own a casino which players can gamble in, you can also gamble in dicing

Backpack System
You can purchase a backpack which you can store drugs and weapons inside of it, you can hold it anywhere you go which means that you have your guns and drugs stored and ready to be used anytime you like

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