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Default [0.3.DL] 🌴 Tropical Island Roleplay 🌴 Live the island life of your dreams! 🌴

Click this text!


Server IP:
__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Note: This server is currently in development mode.

About the server:
Tropical Island Roleplay is a heavy roleplay server in GTA San Andreas Multiplayer.
This community is completely set on a standalone island on the east side of Las Venturas.
However the island is still a flight from about 40 minutes when starting on Las Venturas Airport.
This was done on purpose, we have seen much roleplay servers which have ghost towns by less players.
So we decided to make this standalone island as our main map to avoid this "ghost-town" experience.
In this way the "ghost-town" experience can be avoided, and so the server will never look empty.

Our features:
- Dynamic house and business system.
- Accesoires system for character clothing.
- Voice chat channels for factions over Discord.
- VIP system that doesn't effect in-game wealth.
- Assistance system for new players in the community.
- Realistic economy system. (operated by the players for players)
- Letter sending system. (to factions/houses/businesses/motel-rooms)
- Factions: PD, FD, MD, Government, Public-Works, Military, Coastguard.
- Our entire server is made on a custom-made Tropical Island.
- A anti-cheat that even detects non-roleplay driving.
- A unique optimal realistic paintball feature.
- Job system with dozens of (unique) jobs.
- Unique weapons and drugs system.
- Unique vehicle and fuel system.
- Multiple of other systems.

About our staff:
Tropical Island Roleplay hires staff by applications on forums, however all applications will be carefully reviewed.
Even everyone that passed the application on forum will start in the lowest staff position which is Ministration-Member.
If a Ministation-Member seems to take his admin-work serious and is respected by the community, he will be promoted.
We have 5 admin ranks, which are Junior Moderator, Server Moderator, Junior Admin, General Admin and Head Admin.
Administrators are expected to listen to the community and must be able to take correct resolution in all situations.
If any moderators decides to take actions in profit of his friends or simple starts misbehaving, he will be punished.
Even if a administrator decides to abuse his powers, he will be punished for his actions from warn to permban.

Tropical Island roleplay has a development team that works 24 houres per day on improving the server script.
Their work variates from fixing a grammatical error in a server message to adding whole new island to the map.
If you find any bug in our server you may report it at our forums and the development team will take care if it.

Our specialities:
As everyone knows, most server claim to have a unique script and so we do.
However for us the meaning of unique is a little bid differend as for the other SA-MP servers.
We have things in our server that you'll never find on any other server that is made before our server.
Most servers mean with unique for example: A trucking job that no other server has. "Based on lay-out and commands".
Well we have this too, a truckers job with routes over our standalone Tropical Island map, but this is not what we mean.
The following things that we have are completely unique, there isn't any other server in SA-MP where you'll find this:

- Automatic non-roleplay driving warning and kick system.
- Motel service job. (In our Island Motel we need players to help other players with ordening a room)
- Our entire server with all of our scripts is made on a standalone tropical island called "Tikibayť".
- Voice chat for factions over Discord. (Notice: There are servers that have this with Teamspeak)
- Subfactions in factions: Government has Public-Works/Military has Coastguard/PD has DMV.
- A VIP system that "does not effect the in game wealth of the VIP players".
- Letter sending system. (to factions/houses/businesses/motel-rooms)

Most important:
Above all the best thing on Tropical Island Roleplay is that we have helpfull staff with experience in most situations.
We are always in for some fun, but make sure to contact a administrator before doing anything, to avoid getting punished.
In case you want to do something that can't be done without disturbing roleplay, you can ask a admin to make a event for it.
So all in one, roleplay is the main thing to do in this server but fun is the most important thing to have in our community.

Click on the image above to visit our website!
Server IP: - -!
Click here to join our Discord channel.
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