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Default [IG] Minecraft in sa-mp!

Inexorable Edition on sa-mp

Inexorable Gaming community is now providing first Minecraft sa-mp server:

- Create your objects Ingame
You can just use buttons to create objects, most of Minecraft objects is found there.

- Make your own custom maps using Minecraft objects
You can build houses, alot of maps by using MC objects

- auto IP login
You can just login first time with your IP then you will automatic join.

- Minecraft real features
alot of MC features are found in [IG] Ultra Cubic MC

- You can make your maps safe using (/safe) command
If you didn't use /safe, other players can destroy your objects

- You can destroy the objects you made.
You made wrong objects? You can easily delete them using the buttons informed Ingame


- MC Experienced admins
- active MC players
- Mappers (MC)

IP: (Connect now)

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