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Default [0.3.7 | Hosted tab] Call of Duty 4 - Death Warfare

Death Warfare 4 is a new community server, launched on May 2018. The server is being updated on a regular basis, every new version comes with more features and bug fixes. We have a strong anti cheat that keeps the players safe in the absence of administrators.

Server IP:

-Advanced teams system with a custom team selection.
-Classes and advanced classes.
-Anti cheat.
-Radio antennas.
-Capture zones.
-Credits system.
-Challenges and quests.
-Weapon toys and laser.
-Advanced events system.
-Team wars.
-Clan system (clan ranks, perks and wars).
-Advanced inventory system.
-Custom weapons.
-Nuke and Anthrax.
-Airstrike system.
-Data chips.
-Achievements system.
-Realistic game script.
-Advanced V.I.P system.
-Weapon drop and pickup.
-Helicopter rope rappelling.
-Advanced death match system (featuring a zombie mode!).
-Kill streaks and capture streaks.
-Hidden jackpots around the map.
-And much more...!

Why to join DW4?
There are many reasons. We have a friendly community, active development and a decent staff team. We are updating the game on a regular basis, adding more features and fixing bugs in every release... Just join the server and you won't regret it later.
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