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Default Bone County Roleplay

Bone County Roleplay

Bone County Roleplay is a brand new heavy roleplay server based in Bone County.
We've came together to bring life to a otherwise old place for roleplaying,
offering a professional staff team and unique features in development, we're
here to offer you more than simple promises.


It's almost 2018 folks, our community keeps that in mind!

- We will release on the 0.3.8 version of SA:MP, offering you
tons of sweet mods to make Bone County look better!

- We're going off the traditional scripted factions/houses/businesses! We've
managed to develop a full dynamic script, in which you can make changes to it in
seconds! Found a house we missed? No problem!

- Here at Bone County Roleplay, we care alot about our community - that's why we make sure
that the staff team is perfect! We carefully handpick our staff, assuring our professionalism!

- Great roleplay possibilities! Bone County is perfect for roleplay due to
the size of it's towns! This brings the players togheter and makes way for
good roleplay!

- Realistic & immersive factions! Here we care a ton about factions, that's why you'll often see
governmental factions that you can join and have fun in! For example, as a beginner you may join
the Fort Carson Roadworks faction in which you are tasked to maintain the roads! Fun yet simple!

These are only some of the features you'll find here! Visit us on our forum to see more!


We're more than another 'Heavy Roleplay' server! We're a pro-community server which cares alot
about the communities opinion and often shape our server so it fits everyone's type!
We also take big care in what's going on around Bone County! We're often promoting
players who show great roleplay capabilities & most active players! Want to see your name
on our next list of 'Bone County's Most Famous' ? Join us and try it out!


We've picked Bone County because it fits alot of needs of the modern roleplayer. As we've specified before,
it brings players togheter which creates tons of great roleplay! We're currently filling Fort Carson
and El Quebrados with businesses/houses and mappings!


Being handpicked most of our staff team, we are more than capable to offer you a pleasant and friendly
experience here!

You can see more about us on our Forums & Discord!

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