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Default American Checkers 1 vs 1 game

Hello everyone,

Today i am showing you a samp minigame i am working on.
It is American Checkers which can be played between 2 players. Perhaps in the future against a bot.

Here is a screenshot of the interface.

Current features:
- turn based game.
- place a bet before starting the game, winner receives the total stake. If bet is 500$, both players pay that and stake will be $1000
- When selecting a pawn you can move it once into the black areas.
- Possible to capture multiple enemy pawns in 1 turn.
- When a pawn becomes a king, he can go into all directions instead of up/down.
- A pawn becomes a king when it reaches the first slot on the enemy side.
- When you select a pawn, available slots to jump to will be marked green.
many many more....


The opponent is listed as nameplaceholder because these screens has been taken during the testing of this script.
Also the interface may look a bit ugly with the current colors but this may change overtime.

This script is going to be created to be uploaded in the filterscripts section.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions/idea's etc...
Would be appreciated.
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