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Big Clucker
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Default Call of Duty - World War IV [Hosted Tab]

Call of Duty - World War IV [RE OPEN]

Call of Duty: Wolrd War IV was established by Droxx in late 2017, the server had a good run back then had a very stable playerbase, but due to some issues with the community management the community was closed.

Now the community is reopened by Droxx, and we've already surpassed our old playerbase. Along with that, our development is back active, with addition of new anti cheat and various improvements. We ensure that you will have a good time here!

Server Information:
Server IP:
Hosted Tab: Yes.

We are currently looking for : Helpers l Mapppers

Server Features:
- New login and register system with Email support (forgot password)
- 7 Teams, 6 Classes
- Rank system
- Advance capture zone system with good looking textdraws
- New Team / Class selection!
- Player LIVE stats textdraw
- Custom textdraw menu for weapons and inventory shops
- Amazing Inventory system (/inv)
- Airstrike system, call an airstrike anywhere with /as
- Carepackage system, call a carepack anywhere with /carepack
- Weapon drop system (objects drop)
- /Dropgun command
- Duel system with custom weapon choice and bet (weapons textdraw menu)
- Anti spawnkill protection system with countdown textdraws
- Team balance system, Using array sorting function
- Custom spawn weapons feature (/weapons [1-3])
- Protection Helmet (avoid headshot)
- Gas Mask (avoid tear gas effect)
- Instant class and team switch (/sc, /st)
- Instant spawn switch (/ss)
- Help dialog (/help)
- Player synchronize option (/sync anytime)
- Anti base rape
- Anti team attack
- Anti team jack
- Weapon spree system
- Tear gas effects (cough)
- Weapon drop on death
- Spawn protection for 10 seconds
- Restriction for vehicles
- Prototype vehicle system
- Zone bonuses
- Capture zone textdraws
- VIP System and Chat
- Personal weapons (/weapons, /resetweapon)
- Team radio
- Admin team commands
- Donor commands
- Helper Status system (/ask) helpr can (/answer)
- Rappeling system only for pilot class
- Achievements System
- Anticheat system
- Dynamic object system (for admins only)

We will be hosting events this week and giveaway score for two days.

Best Regards.

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