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Spray [.:. The Streetz of Los Santos RPG .:.] Since 2007

Server Address:
Game Mode: Fear & Respect
Changelog: SOLS:RP v5.2
Server Language: English

Thanks to 'Tension Films' for filming it.

General Information

The Streetz of Los Santos RPG, also known as 'SOLS' for short, has launched its first gamemode version on 07/03/2007 (SA-MP v0.1b R2), which was 'Fear and Respect' v1.0a, the project was planned to be a Team-DeathMatch, though, throughout the years, it turned into a Role-Play Gaming server with a healthy community and a script that's getting updated frequently, relying on the players suggestions.
  • Our server offers a different perspective of Roleplay, a Single-player based Roleplay!
  • Every gang that exists on Singleplayer, exists on SOLS - we're sticking to the SP gangs/factions and its storyline!
  • Missions from Singleplayer are performed each Saturday and Sunday, such as the 'Green Sabre', ofcourse In-Characterly!
  • Roleplay name is NOT required, you can join with any name you like, aslong as its not something offensive or trollish.
  • Once you become a official member of a gang/faction, you wear their respective tag, for example: [GS] - Grove Street Families.
  • You can always use /helpme In-Game if you have any other questions regarding the server, the community helpers will be happy to assist you!
  • There are lots of features on SOLS - train your weapon skills, unlock items and features by leveling up, furnish your house(s), tune and upgrade your vehicle(s) with unique new features, store them in your personal garage, of which there are 4 types from Small to Luxury and many more for you to discover, it's time to ditch the boring roleplay scenario.

Houses & Furniture System (NEW)

You will find over 800 ownable and upgradable houses around Los Santos and the Countryside (Red County) as well as many other interior types from fast food restaurants to 24/7 markets, so you can be able to roleplay wherever and whatever you want. That's not all, in v5.0 we have introduced a furniture system for everyone to furnish their homes they way they like, choose from over 1100 objects and be free to be your own designer - you can own up to 5 houses depending on your level with no VIP subscription needed!
  • Houses available all around Los Santos and the Countryside.
  • Choose from up to 5 house types, from Small to Mansions.
  • Buy, sell, lock/unlock, upgrade, find, furnish your house and many more.
  • Ring someone's door bell to prank them good!
  • Smuggle guns and store them in your house locker if you have a big house, do some business.
  • Still didn't get it? Feel free to use /househelp In-Game.

Ooh, The Garages... (NEW)

Garages? Who said garages, this luxury shit looks more like a hotel!? Yeah, it does, we are giving you the possibility to purchase any type of garage that suits your needs, are you a poor guy from the ghetto? Go for the small type! Are you a rich-man living in Richman? Go for the luxury type! All your soul needs for all your soul costs, get yourself a tow truck and start a small business maybe?
  • Garages all around Los Santos and the Countryside.
  • Buy, sell, lock/unlock, upgrade and furnish your garage. (ooh-wee)
  • Store up to 10 vehicles depending on the garage size of yours.
  • Choose from up to 4 garage types, from Small to Luxury.
  • Start your own mechanic business or simply hide from the cops.
  • Throw up a party and call OG Loc to wake the neighbours.

*Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* GUNRUNNING! (NEW)

Yeah, your momma should've told you to stay away from guns, but hey, ain't not mommas around, right? Be 'the plug' and start earning the respect of the little niggas on the streets, start your own gun empire (that sounded like some MMORPG), yeah, smuggle and sell over 8 gun types and 4 vest types depending on your level!
  • Buy tools, smuggle and sell weaponry from other cities.
  • Store the weapons/vests in your house locker and/or gun inventory.
  • Unlock new weapon and vest types by leveling up!
  • Feeling lost? The /gunhelp command is here to help you!

Factions, Gangs and Organizations

Factions are the key part in our server, where the biggest fun and enjoyment drops down from! These factions are the old school classic from GTA San Andreas: Singleplayer, and are truly remarkable and very exciting to Roleplay by, especially when knowing that your character has earned the 'Fear & Respect,' step by step to becoming official member of one of them.
  • Over 15 Factions/Gangs/Organizations to choose from!
  • One of them is the Los Santos Police Department and its divisions.
  • Drug and Gun dealing organizations.
  • Every faction has their own asset, same as the one in Singleplayer - the more active the faction is - the more income for it at the end of the day!
  • You can always type /factions In-Game to view the factions list along with their stories and leaders listed there.

Legal factions include: Legal roleplay, police work, normal standard of living, ordinary citizenship, news reporting and other.
Illegal factions include: Hood fights, drug and weapon smuggling, brawls, street races, rap battles, dice games, theft, prostitution, tagging up and other.

Dealerships and Vehicle System

There are multiple dealerships on The Streetz of Los Santos, Regular Vehicles, Industrial, Bikes and so on, if its hard for you to find these locations, you can always use your /map.

As a regular player, you can own up to 20 vehicles with no VIP subscription required, all depending on your level, grind to level up and unlock new vehicle types and upgrades.
  • Purchase your own vehicle.
  • Modify it, make it look unique.
  • Change the license plate of your vehicle.
  • Store items in your trunk.
  • Give the keys of your vehicle to a friend.
  • Sell your vehicle for scrap metal or to any player.
  • Install radio, lock, immobilizer and alarm on your vehicle.
  • Park your vehicle wherever you like.
  • Lock, unlock, turn the alarm on/off, evacuate passengers from your car and much more!
  • Over 20 vehicles at each dealership to choose from.
  • You can always type /vehhelp to view all available commands!

Bunch of jobs available to work!

There are several jobs available to fulfill your needs and give you the ability to earn money for the resources you want to buy for your character. These jobs can be totally anything, from scripted-jobs to even player-given jobs and the way you make money will be shaped on the role and story of your character!
  • You can choose between 10 jobs and side jobs.
  • The most recommended jobs are Courier & Mechanic.
  • You may also seek for other jobs, if mechanic or courier doesn't suit you, such as Tattoo Artist, Barber, Pizza Stack Worker, Bodyguard at a Nightclub, Pimp or working at the local Jewelry store.
  • There are also Player-made Businesses: Involving players to Roleplay and contribute to get awarded.

Dices, Gambling... what else a man needs?

Gambling is a one of the very top ways of earning money, reproducing money and also making a living for your character: From rags to riches as they say. The Gambling System works in a unique way on our server:
  • There are gambling machines in every bar or club!
  • Near every usable gambling machine, you'll notice a text, type /gamble and you're set!
  • Every machine has a unique textdraw with a gambling game, allowing you to place your bet on 10 numbers.
  • You can earn over $150,000 if you are lucky enough to hit all numbers correctly!

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