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Thumbs up Infinite Stuntage Romania v6.8 - 0.3.7: Let's Play | /BuyVip for V.I.P | Gang Wars | Derby | Fallout | Maze | Jobs ++


1. Why to play here?
- We have great staff, great players also great systems.
- You can achieve admin, V.I.P or another features without any donations.
- For us, donations are not so important, we love this game, we play it for FUN !

2. Our minigames:

- Fallout Minigame - Let's play it, fun is cool on a awesome server with awesome players like you. /fallout
- Color Switch Minigame - Let's switch some blocks, that's fun on teams ! /cswitch
- Color Match Minigame - Haha, this minigame it's so epic that you will play everytime. /cmatch
- Derby Minigame - Best or not, we play a lot here, most played minigame ! /derby
- Maze Minigame - Try to find the way, be the king of the labirinth. /maze
- AND MUCH MORE ! /minigames

3. Gang System: Gang Tank, HQ's, Wars and more:
- Yea, that's right, our stunt server have also GANG SYSTEM. /help
- You can fight for territories, gain GP (Gang Points) and TP (Territory Points). /gangs
- Be the best gang members on tops ! /top
- Your gang have it owns gang base, gates and much more. /gotohq
- Every territory have territory money, so.. you can gain it too ! /ters
- Be the best gang members at gang attacks assists or make a war by yourself ! /ghelp

4. Houses and Businesses:

- You can own 5 houses and 5 businesses. /myh, /myb
- From businesses you can gain lots of money. /businessmenu
- You can enter the house, build your interior, with furnitures ! /housemenu, /businessmenu
- You can put on sale, or sale directly. /housemenu, /businessmenu
- You can see who entered your house or business. /housemenu, /businessmenu
- You can change the interiors for free ! /housemenu, /businessmenu

5. There are.. BEST MAPS.
- Yea, i'm not joking, there are the best stunt, jumps maps !
- Best textures and objects from 0.3.7.
- Best ideas at all maps !
- Best thing is just, our server !

* We'll help you everytime, play with you, entertain you.
* There are also much more, much fun, awesome people, awesome admins, all is awesome, just join !
* We can be united just on INFINITE STUNTATGE ROMANIA, join US ! (


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