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Default Society Roleplay - The original S:RP script & Community - Open BETA!

What can you expect from S:RP?

Ill leave a short list here....

Full fledged drug trafficking RP featuring the island of Columbia. Columbia is a "Contested" zone where you can grow and manufacture one of the most sought after drugs in the game.. Cocaine. Be prepared to face other groups and cartels fighting to hold control of the densely vegetated island on their quest to be the kingpin.

To be noted, we have strategically positions a highly advanced Fishing area in between LS and Columbia, along with the use of the S.A. Coast Guard faction to make the journey from dealer to kingpin as challenging as possible....

Asside from the Roleplay that will be taking place within the surf dividing either country.. You can expect a wealth of scripted item mechanics that facilitate actual business. No more buying from a script.. We are placing players and roles into the position of manufacturers and vendors... From Farming, Fishing, Cooking, Meth Labs, Ammunations, Vehicle Dealerships, and beyond... PLAYERS will be able to grow business and build empires.

Their is DNA, Fingerprints, Corpses... Weapon Serials, Gyms to build strength, Attachable vehicle descriptions, IN GAME MAPPING and RETEXTURING to all interior and property owners.... over 500 ALREADY custom houses and offices, bars and clubs!

We invite you to come see for your self...

As a note, this script had been released last year by myself as a contribution to the community, as the original partner had to answer his call of duty in Puerto Rico restoring powerlines.... After receiving many messages, it appears it was way to advance for anyone to successfully launch.... It incorporates a UCP that has access to setting wages, ranks, individual player and group permissions, and a whole lot of useful implementations that we gurantee will not be challenged by any other script or server.... That being said, we just want to make it clear this is not an edit... This is our script and we are the original team! - Any suggestions that other ventures have purchased it, are false. It was released without the PHP aspects, and it was purely reference material.

So.. Come take a look, speak to me or Zane about your goals for RP and we will gladly give you all of the tools to help this community and virtual world grow into the SAMP we used to know!

1. Begin by Registering on
2. Once that is complete, join our TeamSpeak: (This is also the server IP)
3. PM any Admin, or Zane himself (don't worry, he is unlike any director you've seen and talks to his followers!) and they will see about whitelisting your account for Character creation! EMAIL activation has been deactivated, and we are in a "Whitelist" mode at the moment.

REMEMBER! The server and script is fully stable and ready for realease, we are just wrapping up faction setup and need members to put within the ranks... Some come give us a hand and be one of the founding few!

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