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Default [0.3.DL] Vandor Roleplay | Beta Launch: June 4th, 2018

Let's just get this generic introduction paragraph out of the way. Today I'm coming to these forums bearing an announcement. There is a new server in the works, Vandor Roleplay, that you will surely want to keep your eye on and be apart of. Vandor Roleplay is a server that truly will be changing the way the English roleplay community operates and runs as a whole. This community has been in development for a few months now, and I must say that I have never seen a script this unique and thought out before. The developers have been working day-in and day-out to create a fresh and different script for the sole purpose of revolutionizing the SA-MP scene. Now, I'm sure your asking what's so different about this community and why you should use your valuable time on this community. Let me tell you.
  • An experienced, professional, and respectful administration team.
  • A heavily realistic roleplay atmosphere.
  • Unique and realistically portrayed damage system.
  • In-depth and detailed jobs.
  • Fully developed in-depth drug creating, producing, and using system.
  • Never before seen custom mapping.
  • Dozens, nearly hundreds of custom character models that fit the original San Andreas style to widen roleplay opportunity.
  • Detailed inventory system.
  • Completely dynamic faction, business, house, and dealership systems.
  • In-depth vehicle system that includes, but is not limited to: Engine Sizes, Trunk Sizes, Realistic Oil & Changes, Tire Types, etc.
  • Hunger and Thirst systems
  • Descriptions of character, putting a stop to multiple MG situations.
  • Custom User-Interface to enhance the visual appearance of the script itself.
  • 100% Server sided-health to halt the hacker-epidemic.
  • A furniture system for houses and businesses is currently being developed as well.
  • And I could go on and on with this list, but I feel I should just allow you to check it out for yourselves.

Don't be scared to stop by:
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