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Exclamation Metro Life Roleplay ~ 0.3.7 ~ Light-medium RP []

ML:RP 2018
Metro Life Roleplay is a San Andreas Multiplayer community from 2012 dedicated to give the players a fun light-medium roleplay experience.

The server was re-opened on June 14, with less bugs, more features, and a brand new community!
You can join our Discord server on and invite your friends there!

  • We have professional, friendly, but at the same time, strict admins. As long as you will follow our server rules, nothing will surely go wrong! The staff of our server is always available to answer your questions, suggestions, reports or appeals, and help you on your unique and special RP journey. They are the absolute most friendliest and mature administrators. Our server administrators have developed the most outstanding social & communication skills to provide to our SA:MP players. The admins and moderators work really hard to make sure that our players are happy and are enjoying the server.
  • We have an advanced anti-cheat system, so there is no need to worry about your role-play and events with hacking on weapons, flying, no damage, etc. Our staff knows very well how
    to do their job so if you come join us - you will always be safe in our server.
  • We have a good host & a bug-free gamemode. Our developers & scripters work 24/7 to keep the server free of bugs/errors. All our cool features wouldn't have been possible if you, the players, did not post suggestions! That's why posting even a single useful suggestion will help the server a thousand times.

  • As long as your actions are realistic, you can be anyone you want to be. A gangster, a cop, an agent, or even a mafia/agency leader! Your imagination is the limit! You can create your own factions & gangs with your friends by making an application over our forums!

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