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Default Stunt Evolution Freeroam .:. Blur/Race/TDM/Derby/CnR/Knock/Stunt/Freeroam

([[| Stunt Evolution Freeroam - NEF has been given a new life!|]])

Website: Server IP:

Server Introduction:

Stunt Evolution Freeroam is a new birth for New Evolution Freeroam, our community was also open before under the name of Old Evolution Freeroam but it was shut down due to conflicts in ownership, however, we're back now, with a better playerbase and a better community. Our forum is clean and pretty, powered by vBulletin and our website is fast and will let you see alot of information about the server.

Major Features:

Achievements (/ach): We have set some goals for players to have more fun reaching them to gain prizes!
Private vehicle system (/pv): Buy your own private vehicle which nobody would be able to control, access its control panel!
VIP system (/vip): Help the server by donating and gain extra features!
Gang system: Make your own gang to fight other gangs, destroy them in the gang wars and get on the top list!
Enterprise system: Buy an enterprise so that you'd have a daily earning, make more money with bank interests!
House system: Buy your own house to find a place to sleep and chill in!


Derby (/derby): Compete on a set of 9 unique and different destruction derby maps, each with its own special vehicle. Ram other players, eliminate them, stay alive and win!
Knock (/knock): - Either spawn as a Runner or a Destroyer, as a Runner you should escape the Destroyers who'll be shooting you with their RPGs by doing an Infernus Parkour and going to the checkpoint.
Fallout (/fallout): - Survive and do not fall of the platform falls randomly!
Gungame (/gg): - Kill players to level up and get a better weapon, once you reach a specific level, you win!
Shooter (/shooter): - Eliminate other vehicles with your vehicle missiles and survive!
Race (/race): - We've over 40 races which you could make records on!
Team deathmatch (/tdm): - The team with the most kills wins!
Cops and robbers (/cnr): - A simple CnR minigame where you could rob/arrest players!


Skydive (/skydive1 -> /skydive9): Grab a parachute, jump, dive and avoid the obstacles on your way to the finish checkpoint.
Bike Challenge (/bikec -> /bikec4): Navigate your bike through a set of traps and challenging ramps and jumps to the finish line.
BMX Challenges (/bmx -> /bmx2 and /bmx2): Bunny hop your way to the top.
Glory challenge (/glory and /bmx2): Bunny hop your way to the top.
Hayclimb (/hayclimb): Climb many, many haystacks to reach the final checkpoint.
NRG (/nrg): A challenge highly similar to the Bike Challenge. Use your NRG to test your biking abilities and reach the top of the map.
Infernus Paradise (/ip -> /ip3): Infernus challenges that test your skills with loops, long jumps and daring wallrides.
Trackmania (/tm -> /tm3): Another type of Infernus challenges that test your skills with loops, long jumps and daring wallrides.


Deathmatch Arenas (/dm - /dm7): We have alot of deathmatches arena which you may like, starting from /dm till /dm7. If you think yourself professional, go ahead and join!
Sawnoff deathmatch (/sawn): So good in sawns? Go eliminate other players!
Rocket deathmatch (/rocket): Kill your friends with RPG or even shoot beside them so they fall and suicide!
Sniper deathmatch (/sniper): Think yourself so steady? Snipe people in a custom map!
War (/war): Fight with no limit, find a rhino or a hunter as if you're in a real war!


Stunt Evolution Freeroam
Website .:. Forum .:. Join now

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