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Default Ares Freeroam 0.3.7 R2

Ares Freeroam
Ares Freeroam is a freeroam/deathmatch server where you can spend your time there if you're bored. The server has some included modes like CnR and Gangwars, events. The server was called Restaurant Deathmatch but we've changed its name and fixed so many bugs and updated the server. there is more than 50 feature in the server. The gamemode is still under development but at least it's playable. Maybe you'll find some bugs but feel free to PM the online administrators there, the part which makes the server a bit different than the other servers is that the freeroam mode is based on buying your own property, business or even your own car, working to get money. Join 4 gangs like Grove Street or Ballas or Rifas and Yakuza, and by joining these gangs you can start gang wars in the turfs. Also, you can be a criminal.. Robbing stores and killing players. In addition to that, the criminals can be arrested by SAPD. There are jobs which need players to do it like SAPD or Mechanic, Medic, lawyer.
The criminals can evade cops and lose their wanted level if they keep camping and driving away from cops for 8 minutes. Also, they can play the role of the drug dealer, they buy drugs from the drug dealers or from the boat of Easter Basin, SF and sell the drugs to other players.
and finally, you'll get a paycheck every 1 hour.
But in the DM side, there are 12 DM Games with different locations and weapons.
If the player is weak or he can't play well, he can spend money for perks like One Shoot Kill perk or One Shoot Explose perk, Tank perk and Explosive Ammo perks or undead perk.
You have to know when you kill someone, you have to go to his corps because after 3 seconds a white package will spawn in the victim's corpse position and when you pick it up there is a chance of %20 to get a random item like C4 bombs, jump booster, +20HP or Explosive Ammo Perk etc. In addition to that, when you kill someone a red message will appear to everyone shows that you killed the player with the full details like the distance and weapon and body part and the killer and the victim etc
There is a Legendary Room for the high ranked players who has +4000XP, it has a different DM style it's like DayZ for a bit. You spawn without weapons in big place somewhere. and this place has objects etc, and your goal is to find the dropped weapons around that place and kill your enemies. You'll know more about the server when you play into it. Welcome to everyone but make sure that asking for admin rank or any other ranks like that is forbidden in the server.


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